Ventus, the Wind Mage

Passive - Wind Rush - Ventus earns extra movement speed and armor for 3 seconds for every ability used. This can only stacks up to 3 times. The cooldown for this can be 10 to 15 seconds. Why I picked this mechanic - Well I prefer this champion to be played as a mid laner. It is very hard to secure kills at early game, you have to rely on your jungler or your top laner to come mid and make a successful gank. Well with this passive you can go in and out dealing ap damage, and coming back out with that movement speed, plus the bonus armor you will most likely out trade the opponent. Overall it is a really good passive and fun to play. Once you get going with the kills you will pretty much snowball. Why it is fun to play against and how it should be used - Ventus will go going in all the time to make use of the passive early on, to counter act this you will either have to play passive and will for her to use her and get her passive on cooldown or ask your jungler to camp mid as she will always pushing and playing aggressive early on. Its fun to play against this passive because she will be going on most of the time but the time when her passive is on cooldown it's your turn to go in and possibly secure the kill. Q - Sends out a horizontal line of wind penetrating everything in its way and dealing aoe ap damage. Why I picked this mechanic - I think this is the ability that you will maxing out first. This ability will make you zone the opponents and stop them from taking cs. This ability will take a second to cast as it let the opponents to have a change to predit and dodge.You can also poke really good with this ability if the opponents doesn't dodge it. The size of the ability will be the size of Yasuo wind wall but two times smaller. It's not to big or too small. The Why it's fun to play against and how it should be used - I will be fun to play against this ability by trying to predict or dodge her Q. Or you can try to get behind her causing her to miss her Q and then secure the kill. You can out play her in most parts if you can just bait out the Q. Why it's fun - I believe that this ability will be really fun to play with because you have a really good poke against the opponent and try to deny them for cs. At team fights this ability will be really fun to use if they are all bunched up together and just to massive amounts of damage to them. You can also you use ability to clear waves in seconds and it will just look really cool and awesome to use. W - Side by Side - Summons 2 wind walls that are side by side, they close in together causing the opponent to get slowed, if the opponents are still in the colliding wind walls they will receive some ap damage. The wall will be as thick at yasou's wall and the wind walls take 2.5 seconds to collide. Why i picked this mechanic - This ability is a great gap closer. With this ability you don't have to relay on your jungler ganking often since it has a great slow and does some ap damage. You can also slow them if thee opponent is running away or you could also disengage if you are getting ganked. To full off a successful gank you can put this behind them so they have no choice except to run into them and do massive amounts if damage and secure the kill. Why it's fun - This is actually very fun ability to use as it slows them and is a very good gap closer. It will look really good in game when the wind walls collide and you see there health bar slowly go down. The particle effect will also look cool depending on how much time and effort they put into this champion and how they make a look in game. When ever they is a team fight you can place it down and they will be forced to disengage since it will slow them and do damage. Why it's fun to play against and how it should be used - This ability will be fun to play against because although it will do some good damage, you could just walk out of it if she doesn't place it properly and. You can also escape with this ability as it has a slow. You can setup, engage, disengage, and also escape with this ability, if you time it correctly and place it down in a right time at the right place. You could place the W down first and then follow it up with the Q and deal for ap damage. Put this ability down in a team fight and following it up with the Q will do great damage.
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