Champion Idea!

I am very very new, but I had fun creating ideas all my life so I decided to try, just for fun and I'm posting it here for your feedback. Quiver the Copycat Passive: (You must have a full mana bar to use this) If you double right-click an ally or enemy champion, you must wait 2 seconds (if you do anything it will cancel), then you lose all of your mana, and turn into that champion, but without the enemy champion's passive because you will always keep your passive. If you die you turn into Quiver again. But you will not receive their items or level, but you will take their masteries and spells. Q: Spits out a snowball, damaging and slowing the first enemy it hits. W: It dashes into an enemy, damaging and stunning them, then dashes into them again from the other side doing more damage. By the time he dashes the second time the enemy's stun is over. If used on an ally, it does the same thing but heals them twice instead of damage. Both do physical damage. If it hits and enemy, you get extra movement speed, if used on an ally, the ally gets movement speed E: The next hit that an ally takes will not do any damage, and the person that was trying to attack your ally will take the damage instead. R: Similar to Ivern's Ult, Quiver will create a clone of a chosen ally and it will attack whoever you click R on. It will be exactly like that ally, same build, same level, everything. It will also use abilities however the bot chooses to, and will be smart by avoiding turrets, abilities, etc, like a bot. If the ally levels up or buys more items during the clone is up, it won't effect the clone. Eventually the clone will disappear or die. Extra Info: Primary role: Support Secondary role: Assassin Attack: XXXX Defense: XXX Magic: X Difficulty: XXXXX Melee Design: A pure white cat, with ice coming from his whiskers, transforming by freezing and then appearing in the shape of the champion. Skins: Pool Party: will be scared of its own water attacks and the water coming from its whiskers. Transforms by making a huge wave come, trying to run, but when it hits her he comes out as the champion. Spits out a balloon filled with water instead of a snowball. Jungle: yellow and black stripes like a tiger, and instead of white fire there are vines from its whiskers. Transform by wrapping itself in the vines then comes out as the champion. Instead of spitting out a snowball, she roars. The roars look like a bunch of > symbols. Fire: pure orange cat, with fire coming from its whiskers. Transforms by melting, turning into orange goo, takes the formation of the champion but pure orange, then turns colorful again. Spits out a fireball instead of a snowball. Glitch: like normal skin, but instead of ice it has 0's and 1's coming from his whiskers. He transforms by glitching out. Instead of spitting out a snowball it spits out more 0's and 1's.
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