Lunar Revel Art Contest - Sponsored by Wacom

As Chinese New Year celebrations approach, let's celebrate the dawn of a new year with an art contest!

We're challenging Oceanic artists to create art using Chinese New Year as a theme! Think of skin lines like Warring Kingdoms, Lunar Wraith, Dragonblade and more - we want you to depict League champions in Lunar Revel style. You can depict champions in an existing skin or your own design, as long as it meets the theme requirement.


We’ll select the three winners and a list of honorable mentions based on the quality of the submission, originality of the piece and whether the entry follows the contest rules!


The contest submission period starts today and ends on 25th February 2018 at 11:59PM AEDT. Winners will be announced on the Boards on 2nd March 2018.


Create your work and submit it using the submission form linked below!

Submit Your Entry Here

Your entry must be submitted in the correct format and size: we're only taking submissions formatted in .jpg or .png; the maximum file size is 5MB and suggested minimum dimensions are 2339x1654px and 200 dpi resolution.



  • You must: depict at least one League of Legends champion.
  • Your entry must be appropriate for players of all ages: League's rated M, so nothing too risque or of a violent nature.
  • Your entry can't include any logos, advertisements, product names or product placements: we don't want Gragas, Esq. writing us any cease and desist letters!
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made specifically for this contest: this is about YOU showcasing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest.
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