[](http://[IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/raux06.png[/IMG]) [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/raux06.png[/IMG] Waltzar - The Hextech Step Waltzar is a disruptive mage who uses his knowledge of ballroom dancing to dismay his enemies. Waltzar's passive is The Rhythm: Whenever a skill is used (by Waltzar) a meter is shown If a skill by Waltzar is used a circle emerges that decreases in size towards Waltzar. For every attack used in concession, Waltzar gains + Attk speed, + movement speed and cd reduction If he misses then he is rooted for 0.1 x (1-8 meter) Q - Danceball / Disco Ball : Waltzar lobs a ball into an area that emits an aura that deals damage over time to enemies inside. Waltzar's next attack deals bonus dmg. W - Partner : Partner is Waltzar's bread an butter that allows him to combo and control. passive: after hitting an enemy they receive PARTNER. (enemy status effect) active: if the enemy attacks or moves, Waltzar can reactivate this ability to charm his enemy for 0.5-1.0s Waltzar can activate this ability again to Waltzar can swing his enemy in a distance (minions can be partnered as well and swung dealing ap dmg) E - Hextech Shuffle (Pendular SS) Passive: (shuffle stacks are created whenever a champion becomes a partner. max 2) Waltzar glides in a pendular direction. Enemies he passes thorugh recieve ap dmg and are marked by partner. At the end of his glide Waltzar deals ap dmg. If the enemy is a partner, they they recieve additional dmg and Waltzar gains + 1 bar. R - LLR/BALLROOM (CD BUFF SKILL BUFF) "dance with me" Waltzar's pulses come inward quicker and in higher numbers. Enemies in a 10m range gain partner which last 0.25s longer with every enemy attack with partner. While active Waltzar gains 5% of his attack values as additional on hit dmg. Shuffle stacks become max 3.

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