Fulgrim, the Dread Knight

Lore: Before the shadow isles became the murky and dreaded wasteland that all know of today, there was order of knights sworn to chivalry and honour, each training every day with one another so as they might one day set out on their own adventures to save villagers and rescue damsels in distress. It was a wonderful dream for the aspiring squires and young noblemen. However, when the cataclysm happened, and the mist descended upon the isles, all but the guild master fled the order. Hurt by this act of great cowardice, Fulgrim chose not to cower or fear the darkness that surrounded him, but rather, raised his sword to fight it, only to be swallowed up by it. His whole body, consumed in the mist, until it spat him out, turning him from noble guild master, into a doom bring dread knight. Upon his transformation, his first act was to find those who studied under him, and tear apart those who had fled. Fulgrim, although still skilled with his trusty claymore, has now abandoned his old knightly codes and instead renewed it with a simple sentence. "Stand and fight, or fall and die." --- Passive: Crucible of Woe For every second an enemy is in combat with Fulgrim, their armour and magic resist is reduced by X-X(based on level) per second. Whenever Fulgrim kills an enemy creep or monster, all nearby creeps and monsters are feared for X seconds. Whenever Fulgrim kills an enemy champion, all nearby enemy champions are feared for X seconds. --- Q: Looming Doom Fulgrim dashes forward and thrusts with his blade, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage to all enemies in his path. When he reaches the end of his dash, he then leaps back to where initially cast the spell. If he hits an enemy champion during he dash, he will impale them on his sword, stopping the dash and causes him to throw them up and over behind him, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage and Silences them. --- W: Haunting Presence Fulgrim emits a chilling aura, that seems to sap the very life force out of those who approach him for X/X/X/X/X seconds. Haunting Presence reduces enemy movement speed by X%-X% and attack speed by X%-X%, the speed reductions increasing the closer they are to Fulgrim. For every second an enemy is affected by Haunting Presence, they gain a stack of Despair. At X stacks of Dread, that enemy becomes feared. An enemy can only be feared once per use of Haunting Presence. --- E: Death Strokes Fulgrim sweeps his massive sword across in front of him, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage to all enemies in front of him. Hitting enemy creeps will cause him to leap forward. Hitting an enemy champion will cause him to leap twice the distance and reduces cooldown of Death Strokes by X%. Every time an enemy champion is struck by Death Strokes, they gain a stack of Despair. At X stacks, they are Rooted for X seconds. --- R: Grand Impalement Fulgrim chooses a target in a small area around him. He then leaps into the air, becoming untargettable for X seconds, before he comes flying back down and skewering them on his sword, dealing X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage and stuns them for X seconds. If the enemy does from the damage dealt by Grand Impalement alone, Fulgrim leaps back into the air and returns to where had first cast the spell.

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