"Nami, I feel all left out."

{{champion:267}} "Awww, what's the matter?" {{champion:131}} "All the other cool mages got an update but I didn't." {{champion:267}} "You quite literally just got a lore update." {{champion:131}} "AND IT SUCKS." {{champion:267}} "It's not that bad, really." {{champion:131}} "REALLY? I have to share my little mountain with some prick, _that bitch_, mr Sparkles and some dancy-prancy, floaty dragon-" {{champion:267}} "Oh dear god here he comes." {{champion:131}} "And he's even worse than the others because he shares my space." [hurls] {{champion:136}} "**'SUP LADIES?**" {{champion:131}} [chokes on vomit, keels over] {{champion:136}} "**IS SHE GOING TO BE OK?**" {{champion:131}} [collapses] {{champion:267}} "I guess not." {{champion:136}} **"WELL I GUESS I'M JUST TOO DAMN AWESOME FOR HER TO HANDLE. DO YOU THINK _SHE'S_ AWESOME?"** {{champion:267}} "Well..." {{champion:136}} **"DOUBT IT, HA!"**

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