[Champion Concept] Jayesh, the Schemer of the Sands

So I love Overwatch’s Sombra with her whole information to control people type theme, and it inspired me to create a champion along those lines whose three primary themes are disguising himself, using information in gimmicky ways, and sand, lots of sand. This is my shot at a once Shuriman someone who can take other people’s appearances and use information as a powerful tool. Thanks for reading :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ******************************************************************************* _**Contents**_ _Intro_ _*Contents_ _Summary/Role_ _Information_ _Abilities_ _History_ _Outro_ > _*Note: Obviously there’s not much here yet, really just pitching an idea, because it’s pretty ambitious and I’d like people’s opinions on it, whether that be that it’s too broken and overloaded, or that you like it and could see a way to make it work._ ******************************************************************************* _**Summary/Role**_ Roles: Slayer (Primary), Fighter (Secondary) Summary: In League of Legends, Jayesh is an ad assassin (like most of my champions, lmao) fit for the jungle. Jayesh serves to mess with the enemy a little, while being a lethal force through deadly information, and powerful sands. > _*Note: This will definitely be expanded upon once I’ve done reiterating and am comfortable and clear with his role in League of Legends :3_ _**Information**_ Name: _Jayesh ???_ LoL Title: _Jayesh, the Schemer of the Sands_ Gender: _Male_ Allegiance: _Shurima_ Friends: _Azir, Nasus, Renekton_ Rivals: _Swain_ ******************************************************************************* _**Abilities**_ > _*Note: Please please be open-minded when it comes to reading these, as I’m already aware of how controversial some of the abilities could be in terms of balance, but if you have any suggestions, no matter how much it may change Jayesh, I’m more than happy to listen :)_ _**Passive: Blackmail**_ _Jayesh knows lots of information on the champions of League of Legends, and hence has the ability to overwhelm them with information that could cause trouble._ Jayesh is able to completely silence one champion for a brief amount of time, cutting their ability to use chat. If Jayesh kills the enemy that was last blackmailed, he gains a consumable chat log, able to read the enemy team’s chat log at that time until he moves. If Jayesh has no item slots, he automatically reads the chat log when he exits combat. Blackmail has a cooldown. > _Game Explanation: This ability is designed to help Jayesh steal identities along with his “Replicating Sands.” If an enemy can’t tell his team through typing that Jayesh is an imposter, they’re gonna have to be a bit more creative in letting their team know. This is the kind of counterplay I wanted Jayesh to spark._ _**Q: Mirage Strike**_ _Jayesh can confuse the eye, briefly forcing it to see things in a different way to what they really are._ Jayesh takes the appearance of the nearest ally for a few seconds if there is one, and his next basic attack causes him to dash through his target. The range is doubled against enemies marked with “Betrayal.” This mirage doesn’t break if he is attacked, but doesn’t last for long. > _Game Explanation: A quick deceiving skill that works as Jayesh’s special kind of stealth, but has especially strong aggressive uses as well. This would be a large portion of Jayesh’s initial burst damage, and his most reliable._ _**W: Replicating Sands**_ _Sands revitalise Jayesh, and are his primary weapon in killing. They also serve to help him imitate people. On death, and with a little help from his sands smothering the enemy, a victim’s past is revealed to Jayesh and he can truly understand that person. This is how he imitates perfectly._ Jayesh hurls a line of sand in a skill shot. Upon hitting an enemy, it deals physical damage, and returns to him, healing him for a portion of the damage dealt. He can cast this on an enemy champion’s dead body to assume their identity. While disguised, he can use the enemy team’s chat. He will not share line of sight with the enemy team until they have found him once. Jayesh’s disguise is broken once he attacks or is attacked. > _Game Explanation: Initially, I thought Jayesh would work as a mid laner, and he didn’t have this ability, but after realising jungling would be perfect for his theme, I had to create an ability that would help him sustain in the jungle. The ability isn’t meant to deal a whole lot of damage, because it’s primarily a utility skill, maybe an AP ratio rather than AD would work out? This ability is meant to be simple deception through identity theft. A theme defining skill of Jayesh. _ _**E: Discretion and Secrecy**_ _Jayesh is mostly fair, but always strikes up a deal, and as always, sand is his weapon of choice. He likes to create his own zone of intimacy with a target that could significantly hurt the target with a click of his fingers if they do not agree to his terms._ Jayesh clicks his fingers and a wave of sand rushes up in an AoE dealing physical damage spread among targets, breaking the enemies line of sight, and allowing them to appear to take damage once from their allies. Until they seek allies, their line of sight remains broken. Deaths in this zone will: show no champion portraits, and have no announcement. Minions and neutral monsters take full damage from the attack. If out of combat, Jayesh instead sets up a zone of sand for a few seconds which also breaks line of sight, but doesn’t deal damage until Jayesh is attacked. This sand deals double damage. Once Jayesh is attacked, he marks the enemy with “Betrayal” for a few seconds. > _Game Explanation: This is how Jayesh interrogates people; he sets up a zone of sand if both the target and Jayesh are willing, but if either don’t cooperate, it is only harmful to the target. The target’s choice is usually to work with Jayesh and not die yet, or die now to help themselves later on. Betraying Jayesh is the worst possible scenario however, so you’d use this to your advantage. This ability can be lethal, and is Jayesh's secondary source of burst damage._ _**R: A Dagger From the Past**_ _Jayesh’s blade gains strength based on how much information he can hurt his target with, which is usually a lot. As such, when an enemy wrongs him, Jayesh digs up the whole past and uses it against them._ Jayesh channels and prepares his blade before hurling it towards his cursor in a skill shot dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits (Jayesh can change direction of the skill shot while channelling). This attack becomes targeted and deals missing health damage to enemies marked with “Betrayal” as well as guaranteeing the strike (ignores other enemies if it has to). If used from inside the zone of sand, Jayesh instead casts “Negotiate” which shares a different longer cooldown. Negotiate: Jayesh offers up the opportunity for his target to live. Should they accept, Jayesh deals double damage to them with his ultimate next time and gains the gold from their death besides bounty bonuses. This extra damage doesn’t stack. For 10 seconds, if the enemy attacks Jayesh first, Jayesh marks them with “Betrayal” and resets the cooldown of his other ultimate. If Jayesh attacks first, he loses the gold he got, and can’t gain gold from their death. > _Game Explanation: If you think a teamfight is coming up, Jayesh can try to “Negotiate” with an enemy whose only other choice is to die to Jayesh’s damage. Jayesh deals significantly more damage to those who have been marked with “Betrayal,” otherwise, if you don’t need the damage boost, this ultimate is flexible enough to provide a small bit of extra burst in the situations he just needs the enemy dead (the damage is not much higher than a regular ability without any extra boosts). Also remember that in most cases, Jayesh would be decently fed if he can kill important members of the enemy team like the mid laner or ad carry, and those champions might be behind, so there won’t be any shutdown gold you miss out on by using “Negotiate” on them instead of killing them with “Dagger from the Past.” The choice of whether to “Negotiate” or execute should mostly depend on well, if “Negotiate” is off cooldown and if the enemy needs to die now or later._ ******************************************************************************* _**Other Champions**_ _Sallora, the Speedfreak’s Daughter - https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/41hOJK3j-champion-concept-sallora-the-clever-speedfreak_ ******************************************************************************* _**History**_ **_12/05/2018_** Thread started! ******************************************************************************* Yep, that’s it! If you read all of that, kudos to you! I know maybe you rolled your eyes at parts of it, but thank you again. This champion might be a little overloaded, and that’s why I am posting the idea, because I need the community’s help now to flesh it out and simplify the champion without taking away his theme. I spent a lot of time contemplating whether to post this, but even more on how to make this champion work, but I’ve decided, what the heck, it’s creative expression, maybe one person will like it. If you have any suggestions or you just simply think this champion is trash, do let me know down in the comments. Thanks all :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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