Two new synergized champions

Yikiri The mischievous twin. Role: Marksman P- isolated power: standing away from allies stores energy. At full stacks of energy the next auto attack on a champion will deal 5% of the enemies maximum health in physical damage. An allies next auto attack on the same target will deal 5% of the enemies current health in physical damage. Q- cheap shot: fires a skill shot in a line, going through minions and dealing damaged to the first champion hit as well as slowing them, does extra damaged to an impaired target. W- Tag In: first cast selects an ally. If the target ally is within range Yikiri can then cast his w a second time, pulling the target in then shooting the ally in his slingshot to a target location. The ally receives extra magic resist and armor when they land at the target location. E- blunder weed: Yikiri rolls a blunder weed in a straight line. The blunder weed knocks up all enemies hit and increases in speed the further it goes R- Ancient Spirit: Yikiri summons a spirit under a nearby knocked up champion, which holds them in the air. Yikiri then lines up a powerful shot and hits all early knocked up units with a powerful shot. (can shoot up to 5 special shots and hold up to 5 enemy champions) Lycero The considerate twin Role: Support P- Bonding power: upon standing near an ally champion, Lycero charges up energy. At full stacks of energy the next auto attack will release the energy dealing 5% of the enemies max health in Magic damage. An allies next auto attack on the target will deal 5% of the enemies current health in magic damage. Q- snare sand: lobs snare sand to a target location, rooting all enemies for x seconds and dealing damage. W- tag out: on first cast selects an ally champion. On second cast pulls the selected ally champion towards Lycero. E- Guardians stone: places a small totem at a target location. The totem heals nearby allies and silences and damages nearby enemies. The totem has 3 health for ranged attackers and 2 health for melee attackers. The heal is stronger towards those with less hp. The guardian stone counts as an ally and can charge Lycero's passive R- free spirit: Lycero channels for 1 second before leaping to the target location. Lycero knocks up herself and all enemy champion around her. Free spirit deals more damage based on enemies current hp% ( more damaged the more % ho they have) I haven't done cool downs and stats but the basis is that Yikiri's abilities scale ad and lycero's abilities scale ap.
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