Jinx Skin Idea

Jinx Skin: School Girl Jinx Visuals: She will be wearing the generic School girl outfit with a checkered skirt and An pencil in her hair that will be in a bun. MiniGun: Her gun will be pencils That spin around and shoot smaller pencils out of the barrels. RocketLauncher: Her rocket launcher will be stored in a pencil case on her back, it will be a large Glue Stick And will fire Bunches of Glue Her Tazer Wil be a Rubber That shoots out Ink (Like Pen ink) ABILITY VISUALS: Her q will just chuck her minigun in her purse and her rocketlauncher in her pencil case Her w WIll chuck out Mini Dices That spin around in circles Her e Will shoot out Pen ink Her ult Will be a large Graffiti Can (Shes a badass)
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