Priscilla, the Occult

Passive:- Ritualistic Sacrafice Everytime a minion dies around you, gain X(Based on level) mana. If the minion was affected by any of your spells in the last X seconds, they transform into wraithling. Enemy Champions provide 10 times the mana and will turn into 5 wraithlings. Wraithlings will prioritize attacking enemies you attack Q: Siphonic Ray Shoot a ray of Necrotic magic, which deals X/X/X/X/X(+X% of Targets Max HP per X AP) magic damage, and then heals a nearby allied champion, based on who has the lowest health, for X% of the damage dealt. If you are alone, heal yourself. If Siphonic Ray kills the target, refund X% mana cost and X% Cooldown W: Wraithling Detonation Target one of your Wraithlings. After a brief delay they will rupture and explode, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage in a large AoE, slowing all enemies hit by it for X%. Store up to X/X/X/X/X Charges that replenish after X/X/X/X/X seconds. Kills and Assists grant a charge. E: Skull of Corruption Passive: Every X/X/X/X/X auto attacks spawns a Wraithling Active: Empower your next auto attack to deal X/X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage and marks the target for death, reducing their Armour and MR by X/X/X/X/X for X seconds, and making all nearby wraithlings target them. If the target dies while under the effect of Skull of Corruption, they will spread the Armour and MR effect to all nearby enemies R: Desolation Transform the ground around you into corrupted soil for X/X/X seconds. Enemies on corrupted soil are grievously wounded and have their attack speed and movement speed reduced by X%. Every second, wraithlings will spawn for every enemy standing on the corrupted soil. If an enemy champion dies while standing on the corrupted soil, they will be absorbed into it, increasing the radius by X% and duration by X seconds
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