Australian LOL Number Plate League !!!

My bf and I just got our "YASUO" number plate on our beloved car ~~ It's so awesome when your on the road in Sydney, fellow LOL players gets so excited when they see plates like this on the road!! Our friend saw it and he went ordering his "VAYNE" plate on the next day and got it in a week's time from RTA. From the information from "", the ones that are already taken in Australia are: "Shaco" (This is super cool name for a super sports car!), "Teemo" (Which we later on found out that it is an Audi A1 PARKED IN THE SAME CAR PARK, SAME APARTMENT BUILDING WITH US!!! OMG we left the owner a note :P), "Darius", "Lux", "Wukong", "Zed". It would be an great honor if these other plate owners can come together for a PHOTOSHOOOOOOT!! Please help us to find these summoners!! And let us know where you saw them ~~~~ (See Attachment for Pic of the plates)
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