Dragonslayer Armour - The Guardian of the King (Champion Concept)

This is another champion concept based on a Dark Souls III boss, the Dragonslayer armour. Lotta people have trouble with this boss, I for one enjoy the fight very much regardless of how many tries it takes. Usually one. Not trying to brag but I am reaaaaally good at Dark Souls. I have beaten every Souls game and Bloodborne on NG+7, and recently completed Dark Souls III on NG+7 as well. For filthy casuls, NG+7 basically translates to the absolute hardest those games can get. But thats enough of my shitty life story, this is a champion concept. So again, obviously this champion can't be implemented because of copyright and shit, but as I said in my other concept; Gwyn - The Soul of Cinder, this will be more of an ability concept. In terms of appearance, this big guy wears big heavy armour that is kinda faded yellow, wields a huge primative greataxe with an additional handle opposite the blade for two handing, and has a big round shield that looks like a shell. Gameplay wise, this guy is gonna be so much of a fighter that can adapt to most situations, does okay in duels but absolutely shines the brightest in skirmishes and teamfights in most scenarios. He will have a stance based system as well, and will scale well into late game as an almost literal meat shield. He can initiate fights easily with his third ability, taking a tank out of the fight briefly, or sprinting to the backline and forcing the enemy team to focus him, but once he is in a fight, he can't really leave until he or his opponents are dead. He is a slow, lumbering heavyweight juggernaught that is heavily resistant to CC, and his entire ability set heavily punishes players who do not avoid his attacks in time, as all of them are extremely telegraphed. His abilities are so powerful that they can single handedly win a teamfight. But you are punished heavily for missing targets or misusing abilities. Passive Ability: Unburdened Slowing effects are 30% less effective on the Dragonslayers Armour, and after the slow ends, or after 4 seconds of being slowed, Dragonslayer becomes immune to all CC and gains 15% movement speed when moving toward enemy champions. This movement speed bonus does not apply during his third ability. Dragonslayers first auto attack while in this state deals 25% bonus damage and has an additional effect based on which stance he is in. The CC immunity lasts for 2.5 seconds, and the empowered auto attack buff lasts for 5 seconds. For gameplay purposes, the empowered attack is classified as an empowered auto attack. This passive will also trigger if the Dragonslayer is hit with two hard CC effects of any kind within 7 seconds, with the CC immunity triggering after the second CC debuff expires. The Dragonslayer Armour passively gains a 30% multiplicative bonus to all tenacity increasing effects. Bulwark: Slow the target by 90%, decaying over 2 seconds, and reduces their healing, armour, magic resist and damage dealt by 15% for 2.5 seconds. Warlord: Deal an additional 25% damage to the target and knock them up for 0.8 seconds. This passive has a cool down of 19 seconds that is reduced by 1.25 seconds for every 1000 maximum health. First Ability: Oppress the Meek After a 1.35 second channel time, the Dragonslayer Armour slams his greataxe into the ground in the target direction, heavily damaging and snaring all enemies hit by the impact, and dealing light physical damage, heavily but briefly slowing enemies near the impact point. This ability deals 25% bonus damage to any non champion or epic monster targets, and refunds mana and reduces the cool down based on the amount of and type of targets hit. If this ability is cancelled by any form of CC, the cool down is reduced by 70%. After the weapon impact, the Dragonslayer must spend 0.3 seconds recovering. Killing a unit with this ability while in Bulwark stance increases the Dragonslayers maximum health by 3 permanently. Killing 4 or more minions or 2 or more jungle monsters in a single cast additionally grants 1 armour and magic resist for every further kill with the same cast permanently. The armour and magic resist bonus cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Killing 3 or more units in a single cast while in Warlord stance permanently increases the Dragonslayers attack damage by 1. This can only occur once every 45 seconds. Additionally permanently grants 0.15% attack speed and half of that as lifesteal for every unit killed beyond the third kill. Bonus attack speed reduces the channel time of this ability down to a minimum of 0.75 seconds at 150% bonus attack speed. Physical Damage when hit by the Axe: 90/150/210/270/330 plus 85% AD Axe Damage Range/Width: 430/440/450/460/470 units long and 76/77/78/79/80 units wide. Axe Snare Duration: 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7/1.8 seconds, increased by 0.1 seconds for every 1000 maximum health, up to 2.3 seconds maximum. Physical Damage to enemies hit by the shockwave: 30/60/90/120/150 plus 25% AD Shockwave Range/Width: 470/480/490/500/510 units long and 104/105/106/107/108 units wide Enemies hit by the shockwave are slowed by 80% for 0.8 seconds. Killing a unit with this ability refunds 7 mana, and reduces the cool down by 0.4 seconds for each kill. Hitting a champion with this ability refunds 25 mana and reduces the cool down by 1 second each. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana Cool Down: 15/14.5/14/13.5/13 seconds Second Ability: Bulwark/Warlord Stance This ability is unlocked from level one and does not require a skill point. Switching to a stance requires a 2.5 second channel time that cannot be cancelled by any form of cc, but the Dragonslayer cannot move during that time and takes 25% less damage. This ability can be upgraded five times regardless of already having a point in it. The ability scalings that only scale with level three times only upgrade after putting 1/3/5 points into this ability. Entering Bulwark stance causes the Dragonslayer to heal 20% of his maximum health over 15 seconds. Entering Warlord stance grants a 75% attack speed bonus for 3 auto attacks, and each attack heals him for 25% of the damage dealt. The attack speed bonus does not affect the cast time of Oppress the Meek. In Bulwark stance, Dragonslayer wields his shield in his left hand and takes 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/30% less damage from the front, reduced even more by an additional 5%/10%/15%/20% if the damage source is non-melee or percentage health based, 2.5%/5%/7.5%/10% less damage from the sides and deals 85%/90%/95%/100% of his attack damage as physical damage every auto attack. Additionally, gain a 25%/50%/75%/100% bonus to all healing while in this stance. The Dragonslayers Armour and Magic resist is increased by 20/30/40/50/60/70 plus 15%, armour and magic penetration against him is 25% weaker, and the Dragonslayers attack speed is reduced by 20% while in this stance. The Dragonslayer leaves a path of destruction in his wake, increasing the movement speed of allied units if they are within 700 range in a 110 degree angle behind the Dragonslayer by 20%. In Warlord stance, Dragonslayer two-hands his greataxe, dealing 115%/125%/135%/145%/165%/175% of his attack damage as physical damage every attack, gaining 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50% attack speed and 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%/17.5% lifesteal. Dragonslayers movement speed is increased by a flat 35 while moving toward visible enemy champions within 1400 range in this stance. Additionally, the Dragonslayer heals for 6% of all damage dealt and taken over 12/10/8/6/4/2 seconds while in this stance. Additional notes: Bulwark and Warlord stance don't actually change the Dragonslayers attack damage value, they only change how much damage he deals with auto attacks. Switching stances resets the cool down of Indominable Charge. Cost: 40 mana Cool down: 15 seconds, unnaffected by cool down reduction. Third Ability: Indominable Charge While in Bulwark stance, the Dragonslayer rests his shield on the ground after 0.7 seconds and takes cover behind it, reducing all damage taken from the front by a further 50%, reducing damage from the sides by a further 35% and making him immune to critical hits and knockbacks that are applied from the front. (The percentage damage reduction is calculated before all other damage reductions). While in this state, the Dragonslayer has 80% reduced movement speed, and cannot turn to face another direction apart from the one that was selected initially. He can reactivate this ability to charge forward (only where his shield is facing to an angle of 60 degrees), speeding up over time from 40% of his movement speed to a maximum of 155% of his normal movement speed after 2.75 seconds, and regaining slight control of where he is charging. If he successfully hits an enemy champion, they are dealt physical damage, stunned and knocked back. Additionally, the Dragonslayer hits the target with such force that a large cone of force ripples out from behind the champion he hit, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemy units affected based on how long he was charging. While charging, he can reactivate this ability to instead stop charging over the course of 0.8 seconds and after a short windup, slam his shield into the ground, creating the same shockwave in an area around him, dealing reduced damage and slow. The Dragonslayer is immune to all CC during this second phase. While in the first phase of this ability, the Dragonslayer Armour additionally blocks, takes damage from, and nullifies additional effects from all projectiles that attempt to pass through the shields hitbox. That effect can be sustained for up to 6 seconds, during which the second activation of this ability can be utilised at any time. If it is not utilised within that 6 seconds, this ability goes on a 40% reduced cool down, and the Dragonslayer becomes fully mobile again. The Bulwark stance charge champion impact deals equal to 200% of the combined value of the Dragonslayers armour and magic resist as physical damage. The target hit is knocked back 290 units, with an additional 1 unit for every 3 units travelled during the charge. The target is also stunned upon landing for 0.7 seconds, increasing by 0.25 seconds for every 1000 maximum health possessed by both the Dragonslayer and his target. The cone of force affects an angle of 150 degrees and 600 range, deals 14% of the Dragonslayers initial target's maximum health as physical damage, and slowing affected enemies by a flat amount equal to 2.5% of the Dragonslayers maximum health down to a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 290 movement speed for 4 seconds. This slow is unnaffected by Boots of Swiftness, as it sets affected targets to a designated flat movement speed amount. Reactivating this ability early slows the Dragonslayer Armour to a stop over 1.5 seconds, after which he slams his shield into the ground, causing a slow travelling shockwave to eminate from the impact point, expanding to a range of 1800 over 4 seconds, and dealing equal to 25% of the combined value of his armour and magic resist as physical damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 15% for 4.5 seconds. While in Warlord stance, activating this ability causes the Dragonslayer to bring his axe to the ground, slow himself by 70% and charge in the direction chosen, rapidly gaining speed and increasing the damage of this ability over time. He is immune to slows and silences during this effect, passes through units freely, and any CC applied is instead converted to a 15% slow that decays rapidly over 1.1 seconds. Enemy units passed through are knocked aside for 0.3 seconds and dealt 8% of their own maximum health as physical damage. This ability will not automatically reactivate when an enemy champion is hit, instead, this ability will have to be reactivated at the right time to swing his axe upwards at the right time. Enemies hit are dealt high physical damage and knocked up for 0.7 seconds, then stunned upon landing for 1.1 seconds. If he has been charging for less than 2 seconds, the damage dealt and CC duration is reduced by 60%. The Dragonslayer will continue to move forward in this charging state briefly after attacking before slowing down and regaining full control. Upon activating this ability for the second time while charging in Warlord stance, the Dragonslayer will swipe his greataxe upwards after a 0.7 second windup, so one should be calculating the speed at which the Dragonslayer is charging, and reactivate this ability accordingly. In some situations, one would reactivate this ability before they are even in range of the target. In Warlord stance, the Dragonslayer gains 30 flat movement speed every half second, up to a cap of 600 movement speed, and this ability deals 0.25% more damage for every quarter second that he is charging. After reactivating this ability, it takes 0.3 seconds to slow down to regain full control if this is reactivated immediately after casting the first phase, up to 1.6 seconds at maximum speed. If a target is successfully hit in Warlord stance's charge, they are dealt 200/250/300/350/400 physical damage plus 135% AD. Both charges have a maximum distance of 1400/1800/2200/2600/3000 range, and create a sound audible to both teams when activated, but only champions he is charging toward in a cone of 100 degrees can hear it. Cost: 55 mana The Bulwark stance ability has a cool down of 22 seconds, reduced by 6 seconds if he successfully hit a champion with the second activation. This reduction does not apply if he utilized the shockwave of the third activation. Additionally, the cool down is reduced by 0.5 seconds for every second that he is pursuing a visible enemy champion. This effect does not stack. The Warlord stance charge has a cool down of 28 seconds, that is reduced by 2 seconds for every champion damaged with Oppress the Meek. Killing or assisting in killing an enemy champion resets the cool down. Both cool downs begin when the effects of these abilities expire. Ultimate Ability: Wrath of the Gods The Dragonslayer Armour begins a 6.5 second channel time that cannot be cancelled by any form of CC. After that 6.5 seconds is up, he slams his Greataxe into the earth with such force that it calls down a lightning barrage around him, spreading out over time to a massive radius, dealing extreme physical damage to enemies in close proximity to the Dragonslayer, down to a minimum damage dealt at the maximum range of this ability. This ability ignores untargetable statuses, cannot be blocked/parried and will damage all enemies within range no matter what. Invulnerabilites however still do not take damage. The Dragonslayer takes 25% less damage while channeling, and this ability deals triple damage to all non champion or epic monster units. However, the additional damage reduction gained from Bulwark stance will be inactive during the channel, as well as the movement speed ally bonus from Warlord stance. A noise can be heard by both teams to signify that this ability has begun channeling. Physical Damage: 1400/2400/3400 plus 40% of the Dragonslayers maximum health and 500% of his attack damage to enemies within 500 range, down to a minimum of 14/24/34 plus 0.4% of the Dragonslayers maximum health and 5% of his attack damage to enemies within 4000 range. The lighting projectiles cannot be avoided unless you are not within 4000 range, and they take a total of 3.5 seconds to spread out that far. Cost: 150 mana Cool Down: 180/160/140 seconds.

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