2016 Shurima Art Contest

http://i.imgur.com/IWfNrED.jpg We’ve recently been releasing a lot of updated lore bios for our favourite Shuriman champions. We’ve gone through scenes of betrayal, redemption, discovery, mystery and much much more. Now we want to see how you’ve interpreted the vistas and experiences our champions have gone through. We want you to depict a scene from one of the stories from our recent Shurima lore releases. Haven’t had a chance to read some of the lore yet? Check it out here - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/shurima/intro There are a lot of cool scenes we want to see illustrated, below are a few examples; > > “Whispering winds from the heart of the desert speak of mighty cities rising from the earth, of a golden warrior marching at the head of an army of sand.” > > “Xerath stood in the shadow of the monolithic Sun Disc, knowing that an empire-destroying doom was but seconds away.” > > “The dawn sun reflected blindingly off Azir's flawless golden armor. In that instant, he knew that the traitor still lived. He sensed the magus’s essence in the air that he breathed. > > Azir lifted a hand, and an army of his elite warriors rose from the sands at the base of the Stairs of Ascension.” > > “Stars guided the pair’s sojourn across the desiccated expanse. The old jackal no longer wore the armor of the Ascended. The golden monuments lay buried with the past. Now a hermit dressed in tattered fabric, Nasus scratched at his matted fur before slowly raising his head to observe the night sky.” **How winners will be selected?** We’ll select the shortlist based on the quality of the submission, originality of the piece and whether the entry follows the contest rules! Players will then get to vote and decide who the 10 winners are. **Dates** Entry submissions open now and close 20th of June at 12:30 PM AEST The shortlist will be announced on the 22nd of June and voting will close on the 24th of June with the top 10 winners announced once votes are counted. **Submission methods** [Woobox ](http://woobox.com/3wbdsx) Public Twitter/Facebook/Instagram post with the hashtag “#ShurimaArt” **Prizes** Shortlisted entries will get - 10 Hextech chests and keys Top 10 voted will get - Taliyah Skin OR Mystery Skin + 5 more hextech chests and keys Rules https://woobox.com/offers/rules/3wbdsx If you have any questions after reading the rules let me know in the comments below!
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