A Touch of the Void Writing Contest - Sponsored by Logitech

To celebrate the release of Kai'Sa and all the new Void lore on Universe, we're launching a Void-themed writing challenge.

Share with us your fanfiction, poetry, lyrics – even your *shudder* thesis papers – so long as there’s even the smallest touch of the Void you’re on the right track.

What happens when the Star Guardians face beasties from the purple realm? Or if our white-knight Galio had to watch helplessly from his stone prison as the darkness slowly overtook his beloved Demacia.. AND HIM TOO?! *cue spooky music* It’s up to you! So get writin'.


We’ll create a shortlist of entries based on the quality of the submission, creativity of the piece and how well it meets the requirements of the contest theme.

Once the shortlist is determined, we’ll open up player voting and you, the community, will decide who wins!

Of course all entries must abide by the contest rules.


Want some feedback or to share your work with the community? You can post your story in the Fanfic Workshop section of the boards, where you can get community feedback on how your story reads, whether certain parts work or not, or even just show your writing prowess off to your pals. It goes both ways though so be sure to help someone else with theirs too!

Keep in mind, uploading your story to the Workshop does not count as submitting your story – make sure you upload it using the link above!


The contest submission period starts today and ends on 25th March 2018 at 11:59PM AEDT.

Voting will open on the 30th March and close on the 6th April 2018.

Winners will be announced on the Boards on 9th April 2018.


Create your work and submit it using the submission form linked below!

Submit Your Entry Here

Your entry must be submitted in the correct format and size: we're only taking submissions formatted in as .doc, .docx or .pdf format.



All contest entries must comply with the master rules but must also be in line with the following:

  • You may only enter this contest once!
  • You must: depict at least one League of Legends character and feature the Void in some way.
  • Your submission must be no longer than 1500 words. There is no minimum requirement on word count.
  • Your entry must be in English.
  • Your entry must be appropriate for players of all ages: League's rated M, so nothing too risque or of a violent nature.
  • Your entry can't include any logos, advertisements, product names or product placements: we don't want Gragas, Esq. writing us any cease and desist letters!
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made specifically for this contest: this is about YOU showcasing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest.
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