A very interesting champion idea!!!!! MUST READ!!!!!

This idea struck me when Ekko came out. Well, if you guys play or watch pokemon, you should know that time and space are enemy ant not just in pokemon. There's already two time controlling champion Zilean and Ekko so..... where is a space controlling champion?!?! Here it is: The name is Kong (In Chinese this mean emptiness and space. People probably know this already due to Wukong. I'm sorry if this name lacks creativity but this is not real, this is just an idea so deal with it). This new champion is a young boy whose age is close to Annie (i wanted a couple or a friend which is the same age as Annie because I think Annie feels lonely even though she have Amumu as a friend but because Amumu is not a human and Annie needs a young human kid friend). It's unfair for Annie to be alone while there are Zyra X Maokai, Nidalee X Rengar, Orianna x Blitzcrank, etc. As you probably could have guessed, i want the boy to look Asian so I gave him asian name and the hair will be black. This champion is AD because: I love AD, time controlling champion are AP so the opposing space controlling champion should be AD, using space to destroy people or stuff is like crazy hurricane ripping through people and stuff which is physical so it's AD. This champion have two modes like Jayce, Gnar, Nidalee, etc. Weapon: I think that Riot have been creative with the weapons and there isn't much weapon that I can think of that Riot hasn't created yet (Staff, nope, sword, nope, spear, nope, shield, nope, cannon, nope, etc). Thus, the weapon for the boy is HIS HANDS!!! Well.... not really. His hands will be wrapped with bandages or whatever you called it that is similar to muay thai boxing (If you don't know what I mean, go look at Muay Thai Lee Sin hands). The bandages that wrapped around his hand have ancient glowing writings on it. Passive: Kong gather space energy on his hand as time passes (standing still gather energy slow, moving gather energy fast). Max stack 100 space energy. R: Kong clenches his fist concentrating and preventing space energy from leaking/ Kong opens his fist allowing space energy to flow more freely. Clenched fist (Does not release space energy when using skills but space energy is released when AA, the next AA deals 1/2/3/4 bonus damage per space energy stack) Released fist (Does not release space energy when AA but space energy is released when using skills, gather space energy 5/10/15/20% faster. Q: Clenched fist (The next AA is a ranged AA) Released fist (A concentrated space energy skill shot attack is released which deals massive damage to one enemy) W: Clenched fist (Passive: A thin layer of space surrounds Kong which reduce all damage taken by 2/4/6/8/10%) Released fist (Release a thick layer of space which block all cc and attacks for 2 sec and was given a speed boast for the duration as he is tearing through space. Cannot passed though terrains or walls. Why? Because he's still a kid and not at his master level yet which have complete control and high mastery over space. Cannot AA or use skills or use items. Only heals and healing skills from ally can reach him. Ignite, zed's ult and other DOT which was used before he uses W still applies damage to him) E: Clenched fist (Punch the air to create a big skill shot space energy wave that deals minimal damage and heavily slows the enemies for 1 sec) Released fist (Use space energy to squash a skill shot small circle area which deals moderate damage and roots enemy for 0.5 sec and slows them for 1.5 sec) Lore: Kong's master was an immortal being with absolute control over space. One day while travelling through different dimension world as usual, he found Kong and kept him as a disciple as Kong have huge potential to control time. He brought Kong with him to his own dimension world which he create with no other living but him in it and train Kong to master space control for years before he let him go explore on his own. The dimension world which Kong was at did not have time as his master is strong enough to deny any time effects in his dimension world so Kong body did not grow and remain as a little boy. His mind is still pure and also did not grew much as all of his time was with no one else but just training and his master. After years of training, his master finally let him go explore on his own and gave him magical bandages to help him control space better. He went to the League to train and learn. This is where he meets Annie. I hope I post this at the right place. And i hope this champion gets accepted by Riot.
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