New CHampion Idea (Hoping to start bringing back mage supports) - Bellon

Name: Bellon, Appearance: Male, Long Blonde hair (Tinged Purple), Outlines of wings (Purple and transparent). Wears long flowing white robes, and hovers above the ground. (Meant to look like a male model cosplaying as a mage). Does not hold a weapon. Playstyle: Mage/Support. He should be playing quite passively, using his high utility to avoid enemy all-ins. He would be a bit like Lulu, that he works in most roles. In teamfights he should dash around, helping out low health allies, while also giving them a damage boost. His heal can be used as a huge chunk of health for just himself and an ally, or a large AOE heal to top up his frontlines after being poked. His Q should be used early as a discouragement for the enemy to trade, as it will increase their mana costs dramatically, and late game should just be a good poking tool. His heal has a high mana cost, but can change gthe outcome of a fight, especially if he is building AP. His E also should be used to scare off tanks trying to engage, early game and late. Once he has some attack speed/CDR, the true damage could arrive in just 2 seconds, leaving another 2 where all sources are bypassing their defences. While this champion has no direct disengage tools, he can be quite punishing if the enemy misplays at all. Stats: Health 553-1798 Mana 430-1382 HP Regen. (Per 5) 3.5-10 Mana Regen. (Per 5) 9.5-14.0 Attack Damage 47-112 Attack Speed 0.684-1.088 Armor 21.5-64 MR. 30.0 Movement Speed 340 Range 600 Passive: Allied champions nearby to Bellon gain (25/50/75/100 [at lvls 1/6/11/16]) additional attack range, and their basic attacks deal an additional (5/7/9/11 + 5% AP) magic damage each hit. Aura range: 350 Q: Bellon directs magical energy in a narrow line, dealing (70/110/150/190/230 + 45% AP) to the first enemy target in the line, increasing their mana costs by 100% if they are an enemy champion. Range: 850 Width: 55 Speed: 1350 Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds W: Bellon releases a set amount of friendly magic in an area, healing himself and all allied champions in range. The total heal is split between each champion, and the total heal cannot exceed (120/165/210/255/300 + 120% AP). A champion may not be healed for more than 60% of the total heal. Range: 450 Mana Cost: 120 Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds E: Bellon marks an enemy champion, reducing their magic resistance by 10/15/20/25/30% for 4 seconds. If Bellon damages them with 3 separate spells or basic attacks in the duration of the mark, the target is snared for 1.25 seconds and takes true damage from all sources for the remainder of the duration. Range: 675 Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 21/18/15/12/9 seconds R: Bellon dashes to an allied unit, granting him an empowered basic attack within the next 4 seconds that deals an additional (60/125/190 + 50% AP) magic damage. If the target he dashed to was a champion, they also gain the empowered basic attack. Bellon may use this twice within 6 seconds before it goes on cooldown. Range: 700 Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds Lore: As you can see, the concept is nearly complete. I will need to put some more thought in to get his lore nice, but my naming skills are rather lacking. If people who want to see Bellon come into the game have any ideas of what to name his spells, and also what a suitable title should be, feel free to share. Any feedback is appreciated, but if its negative, please make it constructive, telling me how I can improve the faults. I should have a basic splash art available sometime soon. Thanks for checking my idea out :D
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