Erl the Extravagant Spellblade

Erl will be my first champion concept. Erl is a mage that also has a strong damage source from basic attacks. **Appearance** He wears a *full blown magician/wizard robes* with steel pauldrons both left and right shoulders that extend into a steel collar around the back of his neck similar to Yasuo's long back collar with steel knee guards and footwear. He has the stature and height of an adult Magus with adolescent features. His auto attacks will include both melee and range animations. On his left hand he uses a sword for his melee attacks. His right hand is used to cast spells and create plasmic energy projectiles for his basic attacks. It normally has a purple colour but switches to yellow for his empowered auto-attacks. I did not draw nor do I own the photo in the link provided. It should be used as an approximation of my character's gear and age. The concept art is by **Hercool.** **Background** Born as Erlonus Spiritmight, Erl was a boy from the wealthy noble-class family of the House Spiritmight in what is now known as Demacia. Erl was a promising swordsman and battle-mage. He surpassed his peers in all studies of magic, history, penmanship, politics and swordplay; training with seasoned mages and veteran swordsmen. As a young man, ladies fell in love at the sight of his grace in spells and swordplay. Erl often combined his magic and swordplay into dazzling dances - blinding assortments of colours with speed, precision and grace, matching *even* the duelists of the House Laurent. Crowds would cheer and noble-women sought after his hand in marriage. An expedition, forwarded by King Jarvan Lightshield the *First*, the Exemplar of Demacia, in which ten of Demacia's greatest combatants would travel together in search of battles against the mightiest of creatures of Runeterra lured Erl, believing that this is his chance to test his skill in magic and sword in combat against the supernatural. To prove his worthy to his House and beyond. Farewelled with the most deafening barrage of applauses and celebrations; praised and gifted charms and trinkets of all sorts, Erl began his journey. Wading through the mud and smells of the marshes, venturing through the scorching heat of the Shuriman desert, Erl trekked through freezing, burning and the most humid of climates suffering through the discomfort of all known and unknown ailments. His comrades slept and pushed through much the same as he. Until one night the nine woke up to find no sign of their tenth. *Erl. * Erl woke up to the strangest lights and smells of the home of the Fae, the enchanted place of the Glade. The rugged texture of dirt, mud and sand were replaced with the soft warmth of red, green, purple, yellow grasses that seemed to embrace him, catching his every footstep and healing his very body. There the strict properties of the world of size, shape and colour seemed to change as frequently as he breathed. There *everything* sustained him. He needn't food, water nor breath. The mere presence of *anything* siphoned strength and vigour unto him. There was no day nor night, Erl never felt the unpleasant feeling of tiredness nor unhappiness. Stone monkeys with one eye across their rugged faces, squirrels with two noses nibbling on nuts, wolves with three heads barking, rabbits with four sets of ears along their fluffy backs, every tiger had five stripes etched on their back, birds with six wings arpeggiated along their sides, fishes with seven fins, toads large enough to eat eight bunnies in one gulp, foxes with nine tails speeding through the forest, and wildcats with ten legs either ignored him or followed him. His magic, speed and strength were amplified. His very being, enhanced. Erl marvelled at his skill in pyromancy, cryomancy, and his control of light. Light was something he could *actually* *feel* and *hear* as well as see, he created all wondrous works that you simply could not *begin* to understand. _ For what felt like only a moment later, Erl remembered his nine companions and the quest he was to follow. Believing that he had now surpassed all mages and swordsmen, even his masters in Demacia and Ionia, he decided to leave the Glade and fight the creatures they were set to find. Carefully remembering landmarks and footsteps Erl trekked for what seemed like an hour hiking through the Glades in hopes of finding a way back to the world - back to his *brothers and sisters*. The unfamiliar feeling of exhaustion and drowsiness struck him. Just as he decided to lay down and rest he was stunned to see the gates of Demacia. Merchants in wagons and Yordles in horseless carriages sped past him as they went through the rows of toll gates. Yelling, "Get out of the way!" Demacia's familiar trumpets horned. "Demacia: now and forever!" All cheered. "All hail the Exemplar of Demacia, Prince Jarvan Lightshield the *Fourth!*" ____ **Strategy** Erl is strongest in top lane or mid lane. He's not innately meant to deal massive amounts of (100 to 0) damage, but if built this way, can deal substantial damage as a mage. He can be easily kited due to his long cooldown CC abilties and slow base movement speed. He is also easily hard-countered by silences. Going Top focuses him into a off-tanking role. Erl is a little bit squishy early and is easily overpowered by CC engage compositions (Stuns, silences, displacements) during early game. His inability to passively regenerate mana with his high mana cost abilities is to offset his utility and strength. A careful Erl should not spam abilities until mid to late game with the appropriate items. You will notice that he has the ability to render all passives of one target useless. This temporarily deletes those passives from the game for a few seconds. This can be really mediocre or even useless against some champions like {{champion:16}}, {{champion:36}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:111}} but can be incredibly debilitating against champions like {{champion:14}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:8}} and a host of other champions. However, he can not delete stacks of passives. Careful not to pick passive reliant champions to increase your effectiveness when counterpicking. **Position:** Top and Mid Top is a more durable Erl whilst Mid is more damage Erl. Erl will be a strongest at the mid-game; his utility is most useful late game where his armour reduction and slows can be used to peel for carries whilst allowing him to tank some abilities and auto-attacks for a short time. **Item Picks** You should notice that the Mana Regeneration stat on items will not work with Erl because mechanically it won't interact with him. Other mana giving effects like Essence Reaver will work but is not the most effective buy. {{item:3124}} Guinsoo's Rageblade would be a great item to pick up for its attack speed and sustain during mid game as well as tanking abilities during teamfight. The item allows him to land more autoattacks after his *Transference* and *Nullification* casts as well as giving him more damage with his *Transference* and *Cryoember*. {{item:3115}} Nashor's Tooth allows him to cast his abilities much more often as well as give *Cryoember* more DoT. This item also maximises the number of autoattacks during *Transference*. {{item:3100}} Lich Bane would be a good item to pick up for its much needed movement speed and Autoattack buffs. {{item:3025}} Iceborn Gauntlet is a tankier alternative for Erl. The mana is welcome for his high mana costs. {{item:3146}} Hextech Gunblade is also a viable item because its AD and AP benefits Erl as well as its reliable lifesteal and spellvamp. {{item:3153}} Its active magic damage is amplified under *Transference*. Its lifesteal is welcome to give Erl durability and its active allows him to catch up to targets whilst during ability cooldowns. {{item:3155}} Might be a good MR pick up for its MR. Erl is not meant to have tanky base stats. If one wanted to be tank Erl, the common picks such as Randuin's Omen, or Frozen Heart (20% CDR) will suffice. Items like Abyssal Sceptre or Bashee's Veil are viable picks. Championw with plenty of silences such as Fiddlesticks {{champion:9}} and Garen {{champion:86}} temporarily nullify his damage potential. Erl is also relatively slower than most champions in the League which makes kiting him whilst he's low on mana and with his CC on cooldown easy. During early game, Erl will rely on his *Transference* to deflect and to maximise damage as well as to sustain his mana. *Transference* however, automatically selects the closest enemy unit within the range so staying behind minions will allow anyone opposing him to reduce Erl's damage and durability if trading ensues. Erl's mana costs are meant to be high to offset his strong abilities. ____ **Base statistics:** Health: 530 - 1900 Mana: 210 - 988 Mana Regen: 12 - 30 AD: 70 - 102 Auto Attack Range: 615 Armor: 30 - 80 Magic Resist: 38 - 70 Movement Speed: 310 Attack Speed: 0.68 **Passive:** *Eccentricity* Mana Regeneration Items and his own base stat Mana Regeneration does not provide any mana. Erl siphons the energy of the impact of his basic attacks. Successful Basic Attacks restore 8 Mana per auto attack. Silences cause auto-attacks to be 100% ineffective and not proc any effects. **Q:** *Cryoember* CD: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds Cast Time: 0.08 Cost: 50/45/40/35/30 Mana Range: 900 (As quick as Xerath E) • Summons a projectile from the centre of his palm that is a fiery ice lance slowing targets for 50% in a 300 radial area for 1 second. Detonates on first enemy contact. This projectile also deals 42/52/77/95/120 + (70% of AP) magic damage over 3 seconds and 22/32/42/52/62 + (45% AD) physical damage instantaneously; on the first enemy target hit. • If the projectile slows more than 3 units it will return to his palm dealing 60% damage. **W:** *Transference* CD: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds Cast Time: 0 seconds Cost: 50 Mana Range: 610 Erl casts forward the palm of his right hand to temporarily steal an enemy's magic and energy source for a short duration. • Steals 20/20/30/30/40 Armor, 20/20/30/30/40 Magic Resist and 10/20/30/40/50 + (5% of target's current mana/energy/fury or rage/resource bar (steals one Ferocity from Rengar does not return it) as mana, of the *nearest* enemy target for 10 seconds. The ability can stack (see *Spellsword*). • Passive: Gain 12% movement speed/per target afflicted by Transference for 2 seconds. **E:** *Spellsword* CD: 20 seconds Cast Time: 0.15 seconds Cost: 50/45/40/45/30 Range: Self Erl's sword glows with yellow light for the duration. (similar to Garen's Q). • Gains 4% of max mana per second for 8 seconds and auto attacks deal 40/60/80 + (30% AP and 30% AD) physical damage for 5 seconds. • The next *Transference* within 3 seconds will target **two** nearest enemy targets instead of one. **R:** *Nullification* CD: 35/55/75 seconds Cast Time: 1 second Cost: 30/45/50 Mana Range: 1300 (As quick as Soraka's AA) • Fires a small bright projectile; target ability that renders all of **one target**'s passives non-existent for 2 second(s)/passive effect from their abilities (persists after death). Duration extends for .5 seconds/per 100 unit enemy target displaces themselves/travels, upon being hit of this ability. • Reveals all invisible targets in a 450 radius around the target for 2.5 seconds. • Silences for 3 seconds if target AP is higher than AD. Blinds for 2 seconds if target AD is higher than AP. ____ Please point out if the scalings and stats are obnoxious or ridiculously strong.

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