Cobra - The Wanderer of Runeterra

Philosophy: A veteran loaded with a high tech PDW and a journal filled with tales of adventure, comes a wanderer simply known by the name of Cobra. Preferring to live a life that's free, Cobra has been all over Runeterra writing stories and taking odd jobs, efficient in skills of survival and proficient in all tools. With every adventure he adapts to his environment, changing how he deals with the situations he is presented until he finds a way to put together the story he seeks. Collecting souvenirs and tools from place to place while being equipped with a lifetimes worth of knowledge of Runeterra, Cobra is an expert at what he does, using the skills at his disposal to live another day. His greatest assets are his Zuan bodysuit and Hextech PDW. He's been everywhere and you best believe he's heard of you. Quotes: -On the road again. -I can't wait to get on the road again. -Ah Ezreal, your parents told me about you. Lets exchange stories. -A Damacian, Ionian, and a Noxian walk into a bar... Oh man. -You don't know fear until you've spent five nights in the black mist. -I'd tell you what I saw at the top of mount targon, but then I'd have to kill ya. -I can never seem to tell who are more cutt-throat, Noxus or Bilgewater? -I coulda became a Noxian general if wanted, but no girls gonna chain me down. -A pirates life could of been for me, but I get sea sick, ask Gangplank. -Touched by the void... It is the only place I do not wish to go. -Piltover was great until the inn I was sleeping in got blown up. -I remember my first... hextech PDW courtesy of Piltover. Don't tell Caitlyn. -I must go back to Ionia soon, so much still to learn... so little time. -Walk like a Shuriman. -The sands of time trickle away steadily, but steadily they do. -Anyway, Freljord? The cold bothered me. -My outfit? Got if from Zuan. -If you plan to head to Zuan, invest in cheese... also gas masks. -There's no such thing as Bandle _'City'_ -Don't ever let anyone tell you there are places you can't go and heights you can't reach. -There exist places so beautiful you forget to live. -Life isn't always about living easy. You gotta take the bad to appreciate the good. Playstyle: Reliable sustained damage, good mobility and survival, good skirmish ability, great team fight follow up, adaptability. Kit: Passive- Locked and Loaded: After auto-attacking an enemy, Cobra locks onto that enemy and can shoot them while moving. Upon unlocking phantom driver, Cobra gains increased attack speed and lifestyle when locked onto a target. Q- Personal Defensive Weaponry: Lobs a bolt of hextech plasma at a target location dealing physical damage and has an adaptive effect. When hitting a target with majority AP it will implode, adding on a short temporary CD to their current abilities and lower their ap for a duration. When hitting a target with majority AD it will explode and deal extra damage based on max health while granting him vision on enemies hit. W- Give them the boot: Kicks forward and knocks all enemies hit are knocked back and are slowed. If he kicks terrain he pushes off the terrain and jumps back the same distance. E-Trusty Grapple: Fires a grappling hook and does 1 of 2 things. If it hits terrain Cobra is pulled towards the terrain. If it hits an enemy champion it cuts off a portion of their amour. R- Phantom Driver: Cobra activated the phantom drive in his Zuan suit, becoming invulnerable for the duration of the ability. While the phantom driver is activated Cobra cannot attack or use abilities and has decreased movement speed, but can move through terrain and will lock onto enemy champions within range. When the duration of phantom driver is over, all locked on champions will take heavy damage that deals double to shields.

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