There should be an incentive to stay in games after your team has an AFK player

Riot can you please provide players who stay in the game even after a teammate leaves the game with something? It is a grueling task to hold out the game waiting for them to either reconnect or for us to just delaying the impending loss, yes I have won 4v5s before but it was only because the player carrying was much further ahead than the enemy team and the 5th player on our team who left was actually helping the enemy team. Sure there are punishments for leaving games, especially if often, but when do the players who hold on and keep their chin up get rewarded for not doing the same? If that player gets banned/punished, we just get a little window that tells us that player has been dealt with and thank you. If we're supposed to receive happiness and enough content to erase that game from our memory, the tool to remove that game shouldn't be "HAHA TAKE THAT, WELL DESERVED", that just makes us slowly more and more toxic and spiteful of players being a nuisance in the first place. If players get a reward, and please, no more icons or emotes... we would be looking at the game in a more positive manner even when times are rough. An exp/blue essence boost even if for a day gives players the incentive to keep playing games after this incident and not just close league, open up whatever forums/facebook and rant away about AFKs hijacking games. Is this ironic because this post is fueled by AFKs hijacking games? Yes, do I want to contribute to how players are treated for dealing with things sensibly in dire times? Very much so. I really hope you take this into consideration, Riot Games. It would be a great idea to remind players that there are going to be those games from time to time but it's no reason to 1) give up like the AFK player and/or 2) quit league altogether/take a really long leave because of a bad game. Thanks for reading. NOTE: Obviously to not abuse the system, only the players not in premade groups with the AFK player should be rewarded.
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