Rokhan, The Valiant Guard

**Rokhan, The Valiant Guard** **Health:** 580 – 2200 **Health Regen:** 9 – 20 **Energy:** 200 **Range:** Melee (125) **Attack Damage:** 60 – 120 **Attack Speed:** 0.7 (+0% – 60%) **Armour:** 29 – 95 **Magic Resist:** 32 – 58 **Movement Speed:** 340 **Passive:** Ancient Strength **Innate:** Rokhan gains 5 bonus Armour and Magic resist per every stack of kills he gets. Assists get him 2 bonus Armour and Magic resist. Stacks cap at 10 at level 18. **Q: Relentless** **Active:** Rokhan throws his Sword at his selected target damaging him for 0.8 Magic resist and marks him for 4 seconds. Upon hitting the same target a second time consumes the charge and stuns the target for 1-2 seconds and dealing 0.4 Armour. **W: Brave Assault** **First Cast:** Rokhan Slams down his Shield creating a shock wave that deals 0.7 Armour as physical damage. After the first cast has been set. **Second Cast:** Rokhan puts up his Shield and gives him 10% bonus Armour and Magic resist until the Brave Assault is cast the third time. Rokhan is slowed by 20% until the timer runs out or Brave assault is cast the third time. ** Third Cast:** Rokhan can now charge at a target location dealing 0.3 Magic resist and knock back enemies in front of him. **E: Protect the Weak** **Active:** Rokhan can transfer his strength to his allies healing them for 5% his maximum health but Rokhan takes damage for the same amount. **Passive:**Rokhan gains 5% Tenacity per every 10% Health he is missing. Caps at 20% Tenacity. **R: Aegis of Spirit** **Active:** Rokhan releases a battlecry with all his strength and the spirit of his ancestors flow into him giving him bonus 30 Attack damage and his attacks now damage nearby enemies. This empowers nearby allies and drains away half his current health. Each empowered ally gains 20 bonus damage and 5 bonus Armour. **Lore:** When Rokhan was a child he always loved listened to his grandfather's stories of the ancient rune wars and the tale of the Spirit guard. Back when all hope was lost in the final days of the rune wars. Thidius Spiritmight lead a battalion of warriors on the front lines. Because of this his warriors have grown weak and wary each passing day. The opposing magi shred the very earth to oblivion with unimaginable power, twisting it like it was as easy as flicking their wrists, and his men are but simple soldiers with sword in hand and a shield in another. He knew his warriors are too weak to go on, and so he issued his last order to his second in command. "Stay hidden". Hearing this, his lieutenant's heart sunk and Thidius creeped around the battlefield to lure the magi away from his men. He stood at a foothill with only his sword and shield in hand. He then took a deep breath and let out a battle cry so fearsome that it shook the very earth itself. The nearest Magi just laughs and raises his hand and whispers "that was foolish of you". But the ground would not stop shaking, it became louder and louder. Until the nearby woods began to tear apart. Thidius' men are answering his battle cry, few but frightening. the magi knew that these men were prepared to die, and so they tried to cut the head of the army. They all blast their thunderous magic at Thidius and struck his shield. Strange magic soon took shape and change the very shield he is holding. He threw his sword and struck the first Magi in the heart and fell. By the time he let down his shield, life left him. His men shocked at the sight do not falter and charged on to honour their fallen commander. With the Magi defeated, his men were only able to recover his sword and shield as his body disappeared. His sacrifice led to the victory at the bloodwood forest and became one of the best examples of Demacian history of a commander putting his men's lives before his own. Rokhan looked up to the shield and sword now displayed above the hall of history. "One day young warrior, you will be able to wield those very same sword and shield and defend this world with your strength". **"Come my comrades, Victory awaits us on the other side of the battlefield!"** -Rokhan on his first official match in the institute of war.
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