Reginald, the Robotic Manservant

Passive: Adaptable Services Whenever Reginald spawns in, he has a choice of three options for all of his abilities. Once chosen, he can not change his abilities until he dies and respawns. The ability options are located in the shop and can be selected before respawning. Every 3 levels, Reginald has the option to switch abilities by recalling back to base. --- Q: Rejuvenating Tea/Shield Crumpet/Brisk Coffee Rejuvenating Tea: Reginald throws a well brewed cup of tea at a target allied champion, healing them for X/X/X/X/X(+X% AP)(+X% Targets Missing HP), and restoring 20% of that amount as mana. Shield Crumpet: Reginald tosses an allied champion a delicious Crumpet which gives them a X/X/X/X/X(+X% Max HP)(+X% Target's Max HP) shield for X seconds. Brisk Coffee: Reginald splashes a refined pot of coffee on an allied champion, granting them X/X/X/X/X%(+X% for every X AD) movement and attack speed for X seconds --- W: Paralysing Parasoul/Brolly-Barrier/Umbrella Uppercut Paralysing Parasoul: Reginald aims his umbrella in a line, shooting a bolt of electricity that deals X/X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage and Stuns them for X seconds. Brolly-Barrier: Reginald opens up his Umbrella, sending a shock wave that blasts all enemies in front of him away, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% Max HP) magic damage, and slows them for X% for X seconds Umbrella Uppercut: Reginald swipes his umbrella upwards, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage to all enemies in a small line in front of him, knocking them up for X seconds. --- E: Ballroom-Blink/Dapper Dash/Smashing Heels Ballroom-Blink: Reginald blinks a small distance, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage in an AoE around where blinks to, blinding all enemies hit for X seconds. Dapper Dash: Reginald rushes along a long distance, knocking up all enemies in his path, dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% Max HP) physical damage. If Reginald runs into an allied champion, he will pick them up and carry them with him to the end destination Smashing Heels: Reginald springs into the air, somersaulting to the target location before crashing down and dealing X/X/X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage in an AoE around the landing location, slowing all enemies hit by X% for X seconds. Enemies who are hit in the centre are rooted instead for the duration. --- R: Pocket Spark/Fancy Folds/Bouncing Hat Pocket Spark: Reginald pulls out his pocket watch shoots lightning out from within it, dealing X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage per second to the nearest enemy for X/X/X seconds. The Lightning bounces towards an additional X/X/X enemies, dealing X% of the damage. All enemies that are damaged have their AD and AP reduced by X/X/X for X seconds after being damaged by Pocket Spark, as well as an X/X/X% movement speed reduction Fancy Folds: Reginald throws out a massive napkin that blankets the target area. All enemies caught underneath it are dealt X/X/X(+X% Max HP)(+X% Target's Max HP) true damage, and are rooted and silenced for X/X/X seconds. Bouncing Hat: Reginald tosses out his fancy bowler hat, which, when striking an enemy, bounces to the nearest enemy, prioritising enemy champions. The hat deals X/X/X(+X% AD) physical damage and stuns enemies hit by it for X seconds. Bouncing Hat can bounce up to X/X/X times

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