Really Touching Short Film About League

GODLIKE a Short Film ------------------------------------ Written & Directed by: Mickey Finnegan Produced by: Jennifer Khoe Story by: Mickey Finnegan & Michael Kash Arnold Starring: Major Curda, Elizabeth Sung, Jenny Soo, West Liang, Tim Gleason Director of Photography: Jon Peter Edited by: Steven Wang ----------------------------------------------- Film Credits: Website: Facebook: Director Website: ------------------------------------------ Synopsis - Alex, a complex and introverted high school teenager with a interest for gaming, finds himself at odds with his Grandmother when he receives news of his mothers passing.
The NA Riot team [shared]( this film over on the NA Boards but I think alot of people on OCE missed it, so I thought I'd post it here. Without spoiling anything, it's a really high quality short about League and the death of a family member. It also features IWDominate! XD Be warned it might be a little emotional for some people. If you have 30 minutes to spare I recommend you check it out.
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