Arcade Rammus

I'm going to keep this short, all I want is a Arcade Ramous skin based of Pacman is someway and instead of saying O.K says Waka. But if the skin theme could follow the Final Boss Veigar and Battle Boss Blitzcrank, that would be great. That way it would be Arcade vs. Boss: Being {{champion:92}} vs. ??? Top {{champion:120}} vs. {{champion:33}} Jungle ??? vs. {{champion:45}} Mid {{champion:21}} vs. ??? ADC {{champion:37}} vs. {{champion:53}} Support This is just an idea but that would be great. For Top, I was think Battle Knight (or Blade) {{champion:39}} and Sniper Boss }{{champion:222}}. Or something like that because all match ups are equal according to sites like lolcounter.
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