Aatrox Build Path + Item Concept

Currently, the only item that gives attack damage, attack speed, and lifesteal is BoRK. For champions like Aatrox, (whom I have been playing a bit lately and enjoy him quite a bit), BoRK is the essential item for him, and if you are winning lane so hard that you can afford to build more damage, you really have no options that give attack speed and damage without other useless stats like crit strike or ability power. I had an item concept in mind that I did a while ago and never posted it. That said, I pretty much made it for Aatrox. 350 health 65% attack speed 55 attack damage 14% lifesteal UNIQUE PASSIVE: Blood Healing Autoattacks restore 0.6% of your maximum health every successful hit. This heal increases by 0.05% every proc up to a maximum of 1.2% maximum health restore. Stacks decay after not autoattacking for 9 seconds, and decay by 5 stacks every decay proc. Build Path: Jaurim's Fist Two Daggars Two Vampiric Scepters Combine cost: 150 gold Total Cost: 3750 gold
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