Champion Idea

this is my champion idea.(ive left out the dmg as I cant justify if I make it too op or underpowered) his name is Hellbaddon he is a 2 headed dog (Celebrus). he has no mana, no focus or rage but relies on Hells Grasp hells grasp bar - for every AA and minion AA that hits Hellbaddon he gains 10% hellsgrasp Passive - 2 Heads are better than 1 Hellbaddon out numbers his foe and gains 15% Attack Speed when only 1 enemy champion is in range Q - Flame Warp hellbaddon selects a target and swaps postions with the target, in addition he leaves his location set ablaze for 2 seconds. W - Cant tame me Passive - hellbaddon is a wild demon from hell and Satan him self couldn't control him, hellbaddon cannot be stunned instead he is slowed 15% of his current movement speed Active - removes all movement debuffs. 60/50/40/30/20sec CD E - To hot to handle Passive - anything that gets close to hellbaddon burns, any AA is reduced by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15% R - To Hell and Back hellbadon charges at the enemy Champion and they both warp to hell, hellbaddon bites the enemy champion and hellbaddon and the enemy champion disappear for 2 secs leaving the ground ablaze, after 2 secs both hellbaddon and the enemy champion reappear at a random location near the original cast point please tell me what you think ive always loved the idea of a celebrus and would like it implemented into the game.
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