Sailing Forth into the Unknown

Leaving League of Legends? Had a good run and have some good memories? Well here's a little poetic send off for ye sailors voyaging into unknown waters. **_The Story_** This poem will be a small fan made fiction about people who have decided to leave the land of Valoran seeking refuge, as the bloodshed and war has grown too strong. Thus in order to leave something behind to mark who they were, and to say they were here they decided to write a poem before their doomed voyage into the Guardian seas. **_The Rules_** * To prevent anyone just coming along and writing a piece you must intend to leave League of Legends and not not come back * If you are one such candidate and wish to write a piece add one verse to the poem below as a comment and set sail into the unknown * Please try to keep it clean and role play a bit as this is your summoner is leaving Valoran (both in the game world and real life, this is you lore character leaving and seeking refugee) * Have fun with it and give your piece flair as this is your intended last mark in the League of Legends universe and a long lasting hall mark of your participation in the community **_The Sailing Summoners of the Forsaken Voyage_** Oh Valoran have mercy. Tell We throw our hopes far down the well And sail on, to endless skies, voyaging on, through day and night. "Through coarse and calm?' you ask us, "why?" The bloodshed here makes angels cry. From hate and greed, we shove off port to escape the darkness summoned forth. Writer's note: I'll be honest i just wanted to write a poem about the LoL universe.

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