new champion yakisota

I really like the concept of combos with champions and creating different opportunities through combos. Yakisota is unique in having 3 toggle on and off abilities, all 3 affecting his auto attacks. His lore is that he is one of the last of many special elemental warriors, and uses a bow and arrow as well as the power of the elements. His q, w, and e have a 2 second global cooldown between each attack, so he can not perma slow. Yakisota also uses an energy bar as there has not been an energy champ in a while and it will extend the cooldowns on his stronger abilities, because if he spams the stronger abilities he will run out of energy, leaving him vulnerable (P) elemental balance: upon using all 3 basic elements (fire, ice, and earth) gain a movement speed buff (scaling with level) so upon using his q w and e in different variations he will gain the buff. this may include 1 q then a w,e combo. if he uses a q,w,e combo (typhoon) he will immediately get the speed buff upon using attacking. (Q) element- fire: next auto attack will burn for up 3 seconds (20 energy) (W) element- ice: next auto attack apply a slow for 2 seconds (20 energy) (E) element- earth: next auto does extra damage (20 energy) (Q, W) element- water: next auto will heal (40 energy) (Q, E) element- lava : next auto will have extra % armor pen (40 energy) (W, E) element- crystal: next auto stuns for x seconds based on the leveling up of w (40 energy) (Q, W, E) element- air: next auto will summon a small typhoon around the target, knocking them up and all nearby allies. (60 energy) (R) Volley: fires a wave of arrows at the target area. the ability can be cast a seconds time within 10 seconds (no cost) Yakisota will look like a youngish monk with either cloth/ light weight looking clothing or more of a monk robe. He will also, again, have a bow and arrow. P.s. i'm bad at stats so if you guys/girls want to you can put your ideas for stats in, or if this idea gets popular riot can.
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