Wylma, the Dragon Priestess

Lore: high upon the cliffs of Targon, there lies a small cave entrance. Inside, a long black void of darkness awaits any mortal who dares tread inside. However, this darkness is nothing more than a veil, pierced only by the flames of dragon breath. The draconic Fire reveals inside this empty cave a gate. Tall and made of brass, this gate was entry point to an ancient covenant, an order whose role and purpose is to serve and protect the dragons of Runeterra, be it Wyrm, Drake or Wyvern. The acolytes of this group each pledge their lives to the preservation of all dragons, and for members of the highest circle, are entrusted a dragon companion to aid in their endeavours. Wylma, once an alchemist in Targon, stumbled across this covenant by accident when one of her potions had spilled and ignited inside the cave, clearing the way for her. It seemed that the potions she made were imbued with Draconic Essence, and her recipes were only able to be used by her. It seemed her body's energy appeared to "activate" some latent dragon energy within her ingredients. These gifts are what escalated her to higher status and thus lead her to gaining her partner, Garth, a small wyrm that sits on her shoulders, providing her support whenever she needs it. Together, Te pair carry out the preservation of dragons, and hunting down those who dare to harm them. --- Passive: Garth, The wyrm Wylma uses Garth to attack for her. Garth's basic attacks don't use AD to scale, but rather, they deal X-X(Based on level)(+X% of AP) magic damage. X% of AD is converted into AP. These attacks do NOT apply on hit effects, but rather, they apply on-spell effects. Garth's Crit chance is based on CDR %, and X% of bonus Crit Chance Wylma has is converted to CDR. Due to their Draconic affinity, Wylma and Garth cannot harm Drakes, thus, when in combat with one, they instead, she begins coercing the dragon. She channels for X seconds, using her potions and baits to calm the dragon. If she completes this channel, the dragon will peacefully leave and grant its buff to her team. This channel is increased by X seconds for every dragon that has already been slain/coerced. Double the channel duration against Elder Dragon. The channel will cancel if Wylma recorded any form of damage --- Q: Dragonfire Potion Wylma hurls put a potion of her own design. It lands and splashes over the target area, lingering for X seconds. Allies who stand on this are healed for X/X/X/X(+X% AP) each second, and are granted Dragon Scales inside the radius, lasting for X seconds outside the potion's radius, which grants X/X/X/X armour and magic resistance. Enemies who are caught in it are damaged for X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage per second. They are afflicted by Melted Armour inside the radius, lasting X seconds outside the potion's radius, which reduces their armour and magic resist by X/X/X/X. --- W: Splash/Spark Splash: Wylma throws a green vial of magic fuel. When it lands, it soaks the targeted area, causing enemies to be slowed by X% when walking on it. The area is soaked for X seconds. While the area is soaked you can cast "Spark" Spark: Garth let's off a small spit of flame, which ignited the magic fuel if Wylma is close enough to the soaked area. The area is then set alight, and for the next X seconds the area is on fire, dealing X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage per second, and reduces there AD by X%/X%/X%/X% for X seconds --- E: Winged Delivery Wylma sends Garth out in a straight line, disabling her basics attacks until he returns. As Garth flies out, he will continue until he reaches the end of the cast range and return back to Wylma, or if he collides with any unit. Garth will then grab onto that unit and drag them in the direction he is going for an extended range. If he does this to an enemy, he deals X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage. Garth and whoever he is carrying can pass over any terrain. --- R: Summon the Elder Wyrm Wylma gives a potion to Garth, which causes him to temporarily grow massive in size. He will then leap to the target area, dealing X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage on impact and knocking them up, and then proceeds to breath a stream of fire at the closest enemy champion, dealing X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage per second to all enemies caught in its stream. Garth's Elder Wyrm form gains additional bonus based on the different types of Drakes your team has secured. Inferno: Adds X% extra damage per second per Inferno Drake Ocean: The Fire heals allies caught in it for X%/X%/X%(based on number of Ocean Drakes) the amount of damage it deals Cloud: Slows enemies caught in the fire by X% for every Cloud Drake Mountain: Reduces Armour of Enemies caught in the fire by X% for every Mountain Drake Elder: The Range and AoE of Garth's Elder Wyrm Form is increased by X%

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