New Champion Idea: Ven, The Puppet Master

So This is my first time doing this and i was kinda worried on how people would react. I have too much spare time (aka not doing homework and doing this instead) and have decided to make league champions for fun. So i thought i would post the one i think its the best out of them all. Haven't gotten any backstory but that will hopefully happen in the future. But anyway here he is. Role:Mage Passive: Puppet master- Ven leads with one of his puppets, he gains buff depending of which puppet he leads with. If he leads with Tril, every 10 seconds, he gets an empowered auto, Dealing magic damage and reduces armour and magic resist by For 1.5 seconds. If he leads with O’Quist, He deals 10% more damage to enemies who is health is higher than his current health. Casting an abilities except for q and ult changes the puppet leading. Q:Mind Tricks / Puppet Shock Mind Tricks- If Tril is leading, Ven Chucks trilo in a straight line, If Tril hits an enemy unit it Tril deals (% AP) magic damage. Tril then explodes, dealing (%HP) to enemies around Tril also slowing them. If he kills an enemy unit, He can cast Puppet shock without having O’Quist in the lead or paying its mana cost Puppet Shock - If O’Quist is leading, Ven drains the life around (AP over 3 seconds) and putting it in Quist for 4 seconds. If he reactivates or the duration is over, Quist explodes, Dealing (% of life leached) and heals for % Of life leached If he kills an enemy unit, He can cast Mind Tricks without having Trilo in the lead or paying its mana cost. W: Strings- Ven Sends Tril after an enemy champion, Stunning them, and slowing enemies around the target champion. all enemies also lose % of armor and magic resist for 2 seconds. After Strings has been casted,Ven now leads with tril E- Dummy Dance - Ven dashes a short distance, O‘Quist in hand. Once at his target location, He jumps and drops Quist underneath him Dealing (%AP) magic damage, After Dummy Dance has been cast, Ven now leads with O’Quist R-ShowStopper Passive: Ven gains bonus movement speed when enemies around him have been targeted by cc Active: Ven swings both of his puppets in a cone in front of him, dragging all enemy Champions hit by either of them to the center. Once the puppets clash, They explode dealing (%AP) and knocking all non champion enemy units back. This is long i know but its an interesting idea i had. Thought i post and see what everyone else would say
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