The sexualisation of women in League of legends

(Clickbait title) Dear Riot, I have been a big fan of your game since the beta and I appreciate everything you do. The amazing lores, character designs and gameplay changes always keep me coming back to your game. The only complaint I have is the sexualisation of women. To be exact, I have nothing wrong with it, I just want more it for the men! I know that league strives for diversity and appealing to a mass audience, and I suggest that with this plan you can attract a larger female demographic. 50% of the world are women, not all of them are straight, but that’s a big demographic regardless. And there are gay men! I’ll give some suggestions for skins that’ll definitely improve your sales: • Battle Bunny Talon (A skin I have been waiting 5 years for, please, I will spend any amount of money for this skin) Ezreal Shen Zilean • Unmasked [Masked male champion] Jhin Nautilus Shen + Zed (A skin line) • Pool Party [Male champion] (+Illaoi. I know she isn’t a man but I love her) These specific ones would be great: Garen Rakan (+Xayah) Ezreal Ekko (I’m not sure if he’s legal, don’t put him there if he isn’t) • Something cool that appeals to gay males that includes Varus and his lore (Suggested by a gay friend) • Debonair Jayce but he’s shirtess :) Thank you very much for listening to my suggestions. Of course, as a big fan of yours, these ideas are free of charge. Love, A very dedicated player.
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