The Geneticist

Hi all, I'm back with another Champ concept I apologize for the lack of a proper name, I'm terrible at it so I thought instead i'd leave it blank. I hope you enjoy reading Champion concept as much as I enjoyed creating it. P - Mitosis -Every 5 minutes, the original splits, making another clone. -The clones will act as additional minions in the closest lane to where they were created. Although once the minion wave has being cleared, teh clones will go towards the closest wave in the same lane. -Attack Damage, Magic Damage, and Health stats of the clones are split evenly between them. -Right-clicking a clone within a certain range will make it the new original. (5 second cooldown) -While in any form of CC, the switch range is reduced, however switching from a body being affected from Slows, Roots, Stuns, Snares, Blinds, etc, to a body not affected will not transfer the effects. -If the original dies, his consciousness becomes disembodied for 10 seconds giving vision around the area of his death. If a clone is still alive at this time, his consciousness goes into that body, making it the new original (250 second cooldown). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q- Cancerous Injection The original fires a single shot from his dart gun giving a "Cell Damage" stack and deals true damage over 2 seconds to the first target hit, to a max of 5 stacks staying on the champion until they are slain. Every 2 minutes, if the champion gets healed a fountain or by the summoner spell, one stack will be removed. -Reduced Attack Speed by 15% -Reduced Movement Speed by 40% -Increased True Damage duration by Cancerous Injection to 4 seconds -Reduced Attack Damage and Magic Damage by 15% -Stunned for 2.5 seconds on every hit of Cancerous Injection --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- W- Prototype Combination Grants additional effects from "Cancerous Injection", and "Stem-Cell Injection". Cancerous Injection: For every stack of Cell Damage, this champion suffers additional True Damage, and is slowed by 1/2/3/4/5% Stem-Cell Injection: For every stack of "Stem Cell", this champion is healed for an additional 10% of their maximum health. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E- Stem-cell Injection The original injects himself or target ally with a serum, giving them a "Stem Cell" stack, to a max of 5 stacks, a stack will be removed for every 20% of their max health has being lost, and all stacks will be removed if the champion has died. (An ally champion cannot be the target for a minimum of 4/4/3/3/2 additional casts after they were targeted) -Increased Movement Speed by 25% -Increased Health regen by 10% -Increased Mana regen by 15% -Increased Magic Resist by 10% -This champion continues to regen health as if they were not at max health, all additional health is stored as a shield. (damage dealt to this champion whilst they have a shield does not count towards the removal of "Stem Cell" stacks). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R- DNA Recombination All clones recombine unto the original dealing massive bonus magic damage, and allowing the original to basic attack, giving him 50+(100/110/120%) bonus magic damage, and gains all the health from each clone as bonus Health for 10 seconds. During this time, each time the originals health goes below 70%, 50%, and 30%, he creates an exact clone with his exact stats, this clone will hunt down the closest visible enemy Champion > Minion > Turret, until either dies. If the original dies, so to does this clone. TL;DR: Makes clones, screws with DNA of other champions Ult props needs work. I know that was a lot of information, but if you got through it I thank you for the dedication, if not I completely understand. Any and all feedback is as always highly welcome and appreciated.
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