League of Legends Sharing is Caring mode (Concept)

So a few friends and I were discussing what would be cool for new modes in the party mode rotation. We came to the point of stupidity and suggested "Communist mode" where all gold earned is split evenly among all members of your team. This could be extended to exp as well and could create a really fun mode with a meta of 2 or 3 "power farmers" and a few skirmishers in the mid lane/roaming. The fact that all players have the same amount of gold in a team means that everybody has equal power capabilities and nobody has to "carry" the team as such. The whole meta could be thrown on it's head for a week or however long the mode would last. I think it would be a super awesome mode to play with friends in the party mode rotation. TL:DR All gold is shared evenly among your team. Could be EXP too. Simple mode for the Party mode rotation Afterthought: TF would be super OP as a power farmer because he would gain extra gold for the whole team (Sorry for bad grammar or spelling, kinda tired while writing this, also it's my first time posting on the boards so not sure if I've done everything right)
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