LORE RANT/IDEA (yea that shit again)

ok, so i know this has already been talked about but still... i honestly feel like riot has not had enough focus on the lores that they are giving out. take a look at the most recent champions. Bard, Rek'sai, Kalista, Azir... all these champs have so much more to offer when it comes to the lore of league. all of their lores are only around 4 lines long. i miss the days when we could look forward to something amazing like yasuo's lore and his connection to Riven, which mind you has still not been confirmed, giving us the freedom to explore with their lore. take a look at Azir's lore... " once a mortal man blinded by his own hubris, Azir has recently returned as an Ascended being with unmatched dominion over the burning sands. He seeks to restore Shurima to its former glory, but but some dispute his right to rule them. Azir's power, however, is undeniable." this is a pathetic attempt to give us a story that we can work with to create an entire universe around. i keep coming back to Yasuo's lore because it created such a hype with all the conspiracy theories and so on. i miss all of the hype about the interactions between characters. Jinx and Vi are a perfect example, or even vel'koz and helmet bro for gods sake. i think that although it would be stupid to have an avenger type thing where they get EVERY champ together but, i would love to see several groups get together and create a lore. I really hope that this will unfold with the full release of ekko. if they could bring together Ekko, Vi, Jinx, Urgot and Victor all together with a champion in the future, i reckon there would be so much more hype. we need a team of writers, or even just community conspirators to give Riot some ideas on how they can up their game in the lore section of league. who knows, if this were to happen, i reckon that Riot could pull off creating a full movie on the lore of a selection of champions. how many of you would love to see either a weekly animation based around the champions and their interactions, or even a full fledged movie. if Riot could step up their game ( Although i still think they are doing a phenomenal job) then i think we would see an entire part of league being revived, expanded and improved upon. leave your comments on what you reckon should happen :)
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