Champion Idea - Nykien the Post Runner (Lore and skills)

Nykien the Post Runner Passive- Adrenaline While a movement command is being followed, Nykien takes reduced damage from basic attacks and spells equal to (4/6/8/10%) of his movement speed. This is reduced to 2% against minions and monsters. Q- Momentum Drive Active: Nykien puts all his force into his next basic attack, making it deal (100/125/150/175/200% base AD + 30/35/40/45/50% Movement Speed) physical damage. W- Victory Lap Nykien sets himself a 'goal', marking a champion for 12 seconds. If he succeeds in killing the target, he forgets his fatigue, resetting all his cooldowns. E- Torch of the Champion Passive: Nykien's basic attacks deal (20/35/50/65/80 + 30% AP) magic damage over 3 seconds. Active: Nykien sets down a torch that grants vision of the area and also grants a 25% movement speed boost to him when he is inside the area. Lasts 1 minute. R- Speed over Strength Active: For 8 seconds, or until reactivated, Nykien sacrifices 100% of his bonus AD, in exchange gaining (80 + 50/75/100% Bonus AD) movement speed. Nykien is immune to slows in this duration. ~LORE~ Despite the relative peace between Demacia and Noxus, the Demacian government do not trust Noxus to keep the peace. They set up a boundary, with many outposts to alert the central city of possible invasions. However, the outposts were useless if they could not communicate with anyone. For a while, they tried using birds, but they were unreliable and often went missing. Demacia decided that they needed a reliable human task force to run the duty of communicating with the outposts. In order to find the most suitable people for the job, the held a recruitment session, disguised as a race. Many hundreds of Demacian citizens competed, and from the top placing few, a group of twelve were selected as 'Outpost Message Runners'. The name of the first place winner was Nykien. He had won by a mile, the second place runner wasn't in sight. Nykien was 19 when he won the title of Outpost Message Runner. He also won the torch that marked the finish line, which he kept and treasured as a reminder that he was the fastest Demacian. From a young age he had loved the feeling of running as hard as he could. His love for running had gotten to the point where he was spending every second he could running. When Nykien saw that there was a competition for it, he had been overjoyed. Now that he had won, the feeling of absolute happiness had taken over his body. When the Demacian officials had approached the twelve fastest runners, telling them that they were now Outpost Message Runners, he had seen dissatisfied looks on the other eleven people's faces. They had probably only come to compete, and didn't want to be forced into a physically draining job like this. Nykien, however, was ecstatic that he could not only spend his entire time running, but was getting paid for it. He settled into the job, and excelled in it. He often passed his colleagues while out on jobs, even completing three or four jobs in the time that it took them to do just one. In no time, the higher-ups saw that he was capable of doing all the work on his own, and with his consent, they let the others go. This left Nykien as the only Outpost Message Runner. He didn't mind. He just was happy to run, pushing himself to greater heights. Each trip to an outpost, he attempted to beat his time getting there, often succeeding. Meanwhile his reputation in Demacia sky-rocketed, as someone capable of doing things not humanly possible. "He could travel faster than a bird between the city and an outpost". "He must have the blood of royalty in him". The rumours of his talent grew wildly in Demacia. However, this all changed when one day a diplomat from Noxus came, discussing a unbreakable treaty between the two nations. After much discussion, the treaty was signed and the nations came to agreement with each other. This meant that there was no need for the outposts, and the Outpost Message Runners, consisting of only one young man, was disbanded. With nothing to do with his life now, Nykien asked around for jobs that would let him run. He was idolised among the people of the city, but no one could give him the job that he wanted. Eventually he came across a government official who, after hearing his request for a occupation that let him run, recommended he should go to the League of Legends. It would require him to fight, but he could run all he liked. And most of Demacia's heroic figures had gone there. And everyone agreed he was a true hero of Demacia, a legend to be remembered. So, with only a slight idea of how he would fight, he set out for his destination. He had asked a blacksmith in town to modify his torch, the reminder he would keep of his home, so it could be used as a weapon. It would remind him of the time he had spent, truly enjoying himself, every time he swung it Tell me what you think. I know the ending of the lore is a bit dull, same with the W. Let me know if you have better ideas. There may also be some inaccuracies with other League Lore, so again, just let me know and I'll update it. The numbers also will need to be changed around, but I'm not a game developer, just someone with a relatively creative mind, so don't be surprised if he's unbalanced. Thanks for giving this idea as read :)
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