If Riot promised to Sion level rework a champion for you who would you choose and why?

{{champion:50}} Swain has a really cool place in the lore as the leader of Noxus and being one of the most brilliant strategical minds of his time. However none of that translates into the game at all, he's just some bird enthusiastic half arsed lane bully. If i hadn't read the lore i'd of assumed he was Quinn's father. In my mind Swain should be like Viktor with less burst with some inspiration of Azir he should be this commanding control mage forcing his opponent into less favourable positions kind of like what tahliya tries to achieve with her W and E but more of on a team fight level. Right now he's just some Bird-human hybrid that tries to brute force his way into low range skirmish's then uses zhonyas and retreats when is low. Edit: i'd like to add that when swain is strong it's not the healthy kind of strong he more or less just Bullies his opponents to the point where they have to sit a full screen away. I must admit i've gotten a few lucky swain top games under my belt where i sit at level 13 or so in lane against a level 8 opponent. What about you guys? :)
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