Make a champ that specialises in aerodynamics pls

-Hard to lock down -Is squishy -Not corki -Has a cc reduction passive (or ability) -Slows when takes damage (but slows last shorter then normal) -Has a speed or mobility causing ability (some kind of ability that lets him/her refresh his/her mobility somehow, like Evelyn w or even Ahri ult) -Has a low damaging kite ability with reset -Small cc causing ability for disengage (or even more mobility for tricks, could be intractable with other champs and/or his/her ult) -His/Her ult would be a huge cc nuke that lets him/her kite even more freely yet has a second delayed effect that ends his/her advantage (think how zyra's ult is in two stages) giving him/her a small window to perform his/her actions... This is really a champion "concept" and because I don't have a team of trained developers with me what I came up with is this thing... whatever it is. I feel that this kind of champ would be really fun
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