Morgana’s Passive Requires a Rework

Morgana’s current passive, Soul Siphon, heals herself for 20% of the damage dealt to champions, and large minions and monsters. There have been several complaints about her passive not being impactful enough. I have some ideas in my head but I would like to hear yours, please. Edit: I had to do my homework so here are my ideas: Idea 1: More of a buff - Increase the healing by 20%, adding up to 40% - Affects small minions as well Idea 2: Additonal effects at rank 5 - Dark Binding spreads to nearby targets, but instead of rooting they are slowed instead. - Tormented Soil grounds the target(s), preventing them from using mobile abilities - Black Shield explodes when it expires or is destroyed, briefing rooting nearby enemies in the area. Edit: Idea 2 (due to being too oppressive) - Now called Spirit Leech - New effect: Whenever Morgana deals damage to an enemy champion, monsters, and/or minions, the nearest ally and herself get 25% damage boost, and a 20% life steal. - The duration is infinite until one of them reaches the limit of their radius. - To balance the passive, it will go on a 5 minute cooldown at the start of the match. - Normal cooldown after walking out of the radius is 20 seconds. - Procs even without allies around. Idea 3 (again, idea 2 is too imbalanced) - Now called Kindred Spirit - Life steal increased from 20% to 25% - New effect: If Kayle and Morgana are in the same team, they get "Kindred Spirit." - Kindred Spirit is an unbreakable bond between two sisters, each gaining flat 5/10/15/20 Armour and Magic Resist and a 5%/7.5%/12.5%/15% health increase when near each other (at levels 1/6/11/16), or 5%/7.5%/12.5%15% bonus movement speed and damage boost when near each other (at levels 1/6/11/16). - If neither Kayle nor Morgana is on the same team, one of them can apply Kindred Spirit onto a chosen ally permanently, but the benefits will be halved. Anything else?
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