Ver-Lox The Void

I think it would be awesome to have a champion that surveys the rift from above giving little buffs and debuts to whom he chooses. It would be fun to play as someone who doesn't ever move of basic attack but rather supports the game from above. Passive- Choose one champion on your team at the start of the game that gains double experience for the first 15 minutes of the game. any xp gained by this champion will be shared with Vre’lox as if normally with them After which, they gain an extra item slot. Vre’lox doesn't have health or mana instead he has a small part at the bottom of his screen (where mana and hp usually are) that shows all of his team’s hp and mana. Q- Rift- Vre’lox creates a void rift anywhere on the map that is visible to him, anything that touches his rift becomes corrupted with pure void energy. Champions- higher base stats by 3/6/10/12/15 + 10% of ap Allied Minions- frenzies them causing higher attack speed Enemy champions- lowers base stats by 2/5/7/15/20 + 10% of ap Enemy minions- deals 2/3/5/6/7 % of base hp + 5 % of ap W- Void spawn- A blot of void energy thunders from above and deals massive damage upon landing, it has a large are affect and can be moved for a short period after its cast. Cd- 40/35/30/20 seconds the minion deals damage based on the enemies level (4-60) per attack + 8 percent of ap E-Void shield- Targets an allied champion and shields them for 4/5/6/7/8 seconds, they gain extra ms and slightly higher attack speed. R- Fury of the void- Passive- All allied turrets get a small buff to their shots, they are also purple. The nexus gains an attack, similar to the weird old laser turrets that guarded the nexus Active-The rift that is open explodes massively in a fury of tentacles and pure void energy, the tentacles then wrap around enemy champions that stand to close to them, rooting them, they become targetable and can be destroyed with one aa. As the void energy dissipates it creates a shock wave that knocks all champions in the area out wards of the rift. So basically he IS the void and he is the one creating all the rifts. He would just be like a massive eye that spawns above the nexus and can't move.
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