Blane The Infiltrator (Riot please look at this)

Hey guys! This is my second champ design. I hope that ya'll enjoy it. Make sure to like it aswell! Appearance: Blane is a yordle with a small machete. He wears a tattered karate gi top and a pair of black track-suit pants. He has long hair that is spiky at the front but droops down at the back. He is covered in scars and has arm braces on both wrists, one of these has a small monitor on it and lots of little keys or buttons (please do not leave these out). The hand on that arm wears a large mechanical glove. On the other hand he wears a small strap with a bright light that gets triggered by his Q ability. His recall is: he sits down cross legged and looks around cautiously, then he jumps up, does a backflip and smashes 2 smoke bombs into the ground and emerges from the smoke at the spawn point. Dance: He starts break dancing. Laugh: Looks down at his wrist, taps some buttons, looks up and starts laughing. Taunt: Blane says: "No Blane! No gain!", as he spins his machete around on his finger. Joke: Blane looks towards his enemy, points at his wrist and says "I'm waiting!" Abilities: Passive- Fears Gift: Blane gains a stack of "Fears Gift" Everytime he uses an ability, gets damaged by a critical hit or survives an ability that deals more than 250 damage (physical or magic, does not matter). For every stack he gains 3 movement speed, 0.1 attack speed, 1 percent life steal and 20 percent base health regeneration. Blane loses stacks after 20 seconds of not attacking or any of the reasons stacks are gained (max stacks 15, stored in his secondary bar preferably colored indigo) Q- Stringed Machete: Blane throws his machete into a minion, champion, ground or turret and deals 50/75/100/125 (+0.9) physical damage. This ability slows the champion or minion that it hits and, if they are still in range, he can toggle it again to jump towards the target, landing on the opposite side of it and knocking them back a small distance. Gives Blane Cool down: 7.5/6/5/3.5 seconds. W- Flash Dance: This ability is an attack reset which makes him smash his flashing palm into the enemy he was attacking, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. If Blane was not attacking any enemies at the time, he will slam his hand into the ground slowing nearby and inflicting 30/40/50/60 (+0.7) magic damage to enemies after the attack timer has finished. Gives Blane 1 stack of "Fears gift". Cool down: 12/10/8/5 seconds. E- "Try find me!": Blane throws a smoke bomb into the ground, concealing his health bar and turning slightly translucent. The area that this ability started from will be covered in smoke causing all enemies that walk into it be blinded in it and for 2 seconds after. While he is cloaked he is unable to attack or use abilities until the timer is up. Once he emerges from his cloak he gains 30/50/70/90 percent more attack speed. Gives Blane 3 stacks of "Fears gift". Cool down: 16/12/10/6 seconds R- "The Pick-pocket Shatter Blade": Blane shatters his blade against the ground, sending shards flying towards where the skill-shot was aimed to, dealing 150/195/240 (+1.2 physical) (+0.8 magic) magic damage. You can toggle it after the shot and target an enemy to mimic their items and abilities for 20 seconds. Stats at level 1: Health: 450 Movement Speed: 345 Attack Damage: 66 Armour: 66 Magic Resist: 66 Attack Speed: 0.68 per second Lore: I wasn't sure about this but i wanted him to be connected to {{champion:157}} and enemies with {{champion:107}} but i wasn't sure how i could connect both of them. I was thinking that {{champion:157}} could be friends with Blane and Blane was always trying to find him after the false accusation and went looking for {{champion:157}} but {{champion:107}} was given a bounty for Blane because he stole the last bounty that {{champion:107}} was given. But that was just an idea. He also gained the nick-name "Infiltrator" from his infamous heists and daring escapes he has done after or whilst breaking into important Zaun facilities. He is highly elite and is very well known around Rune-Terra, so he is a bounty hunter of sorts.
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