I know what you are thinking, an ANNIE REWORK IDEA?

Imagine a super Annie, her powers now uncontrollable are taking over her, her face has scars with fire writhing out of them. When she dies she screams and bursts into flames. When she flings Tibbers out, the fire, burning so so much that it deals great damage to her as well. He spawns and roars, scorching the earth around him. He can jump in bursts of flame, but whilst around anyone, including her own minions, but not her teammates, she deals damage to them, herself included. When he lands he explodes into a fiery, demonic creature that tears himself apart, along with everyone else, a force to be dealt with, but a delicate force, like Zac and Vlad she uses health to cast her abilities, as she gets lower on health she gets more scorched and more fire writhes out of her scars. Because she deals so much damage to herself, after teachings by an expert of draining life, she can now drain the life fire out of anyone, bursting their bodies into flames when she kills them. Her abilities would all be so much more powerful, but at what cost? SOOOOOO HOW DO YAH LIKE IT. This sounds cool{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Shout out to the guy who gave me this idea, go check out his post, his name is datswagchicken and some really interesting ideas are being posted on that page GL
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