Valorax, the hextech tank... Champ concept please take a look and gimme your feedback

So I had this cool thought in my head about a tank that is always firing bullets. So this guy is a really diverse role chooser. He can pick up in the jungle (hopefully), mid, top and even adc if you really wanted. He can go tank, ad or ap so overall a really diverse champion. (I would love to play him glass cannon) So without any further ado... Passive: The longer any enemy stands inside one of Valorax's abilities the more damage they deal. This stacks with their maximum HP. (0.5% of maximum HP bonus damage every second going up to 3% Maximum HP) Q: Hextech G-786 cannon: Valorax fires out a continuous stream of bullets that rain down onto the ground like Miss Fortunes Make it rain. This can be moved by casting Q again on a different location. The area moves at 2.5 units per second. (30/40/45/55/60 damage per second + 12% of AP and 20% of AD) When moving this ability moves with Valorax. W: Hextech MiniGun G-647: Valorax fires out a line of bullets in one continuous line that deals damage and slows for a small amount. If Valorax's Q is also hitting this enemy then it deals 150% damage. (35/40/50/55/60 damage per second + 20% of AP and 20% of AD) E: Hextech Boosters G-583: Valorax gains a massive speed boost but is unable to use basic attacks for 3 seconds. (80/85/90/95/99% speed boost) 17/16/15/14/13 second cooldown. R: Hextech Destroyer G-443: Valorax fires a massive beam of electric energy out in a cone. If this hits an enemy it deals damage and stuns them for 0.5 seconds. After the stun is over they are also silenced for another 0.5 seconds. The electricity applies a mark and is consumed upon hitting either W or Q on the target. The mark explodes onto the target and deals damage. (Initial blast: 100/150/200+ 40% of AD and 40% of AP) 19/18/17 second cooldown. So there it is. I'm thinking that this could have a really nice place in a lot of team comps and be not to over powered. Casting E can really help in situations like getting back to lane or catching up with enemies. Hextech minigun can be used in many different ways and I would recommend to max it. It has the potential for so much and the skins could be used in so any different ways. Thanks for looking. Please like, comment and if possible look at some of my other champion concepts. Thanks guys.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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