Champion concept idea

League of Legends champion concept idea. Boxer based champion and abilities, unique basic attacks, and skills. Passive: Basic attacks are considered "Jabs" and deal 10% less damage to enemy champions, but apply stacks of boxers might and slow the targets attack speed by 10/20/30% at levels 1/11/16 Passive 2nd part: Boxers might; at 4 stacks of boxers might the enemy is open for a more damaging spell attack that applies extra effects. Q; Boxers combo: Champion next basic attack is a right hook that deals 40/55/75/100/130 (+85% attack damage) if Right hook is used against a champion that is "open" then Right hook will stun the enemy for 0.5 seconds and deal +100% damage to the target. Can be cast immediately for the next 7 seconds to do a body shot for 50% less damage as the right hook but the stun is doubled. 3rd attack is a frontal attack that knocks enemy champion back and deals the right hooks damage. W; Fists up passive active: Champion passively has his fists up taking 15/20/25/30/35% less damage. Full force passive active: Champion has fists down but Jabs against enemy units grant you 5/10/15/20/25% extra attack speed and damage (lifesteal will not be applied to the extra damage dealt) Critically striking opponents temporarily doubles the bonus that decays over 3 seconds. E; pivot passive: The boxers hard training allows him to be quick on his feet. This means he can dodge enemy attacks basic attacks and basic spells at a rate of 15/25/35/45/55% (+25% per 100 *bonus* movement speed) R: Uppercut: Champion performs an astoundingly powerful uppercut at the end of his q combos for 150/275/400 (+75% AD) physical damage and knocks them back. If the target had stacks of boxers might applied then the uppercut will deal and +50/75/100% base attack damage, Uppercut potential lasts 15 seconds but champion kills and assist increase the time by 7 seconds. R passive; hard training: Champion gains 10 hp per 7 attack damage, and 1.4 attack damage per 7 health. Does not stack with itself. Obviously would be way to OP with the current stats, but what do you guys think? I want something like this in league of legends, a champion who has combos on one ability, and a little like Vladimir with the passive only AD based. I noticed that I had the last q knocked them back, as did the ult, so lets say he quickly dashes towards them if you have your ult active without having to basic attack them again, and maybe a knock up rather than another knock back.
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