Vorl - The Doll Of Dark Souls

**Lore:** Due to his death in the Ionia Verse Noxus war, this soldier pleaded with the Angel of death to resurrect him from the dead, but little did he know that the Angel liked to play games with his power, he would grant him this wish if he goes and collects him more souls. They both shook hands creating a binding oath, the angel placed the mans soul into a a doll which controlled the hand of mother nature though telepathic pulses, what the man didn’t know was that the angel had resurrected him into a doll that was unable to speak or come into contact with humans. This mad the man very mad and angry, therefore he now goes around collecting souls of the dead that he has tortures and murders himself to relieve him from the pain of hes inner silence. The drawing provided isn't a good drawing, just a doodle but it gives a idea of what he should be like, he is a doll looking figure that is on top of a hand, which he rides, he has souls floating around he head, he's very sown together and is sown to the hand itself, he controls the hand like we would control ours, with our minds :o but due to this only created just tonight i don't have any abilities in my head that could go with this champion. i had like a few but like i don't have stats or anything, just the ides, he's passive, like threshes he gains either health or the range of he's abilities, then maybe his q is that he sends out he's souls that float around him dealing damage to the target and fearing them for 1.5 seconds, then he's W could be like Lissandra where she goes under the ground but instead of dealing damage going though the claw he goes under the ground and pops up the target causing the target/s to be knocked up and slowed by 25% and he's E can be that can heal off minions and he gets a stack and once he gets 30 stack he gets another soul that floats around him which makes he's Q do extra damage, and then he's ult may be where he escapes he body of the doll and pulls the champion back to the hand and the doll itself and does damage the further away the target is, has a distant ult :D but yeah i don't have any good abilities but they are decent i suppose, not much thought but yeah :D tell em what you guys thing. maybe comment how to improve this champion :D
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