The Annie Show, you'll find some comfort there

The Annie Show (Grimm Edition)
I make plays. With Annie. Stop laughing dude. Musics: Coconut Mall by JoshhMarshh ; Super Slumber Party by OneyNG ; Stardust Speedway by Plasma3Music ; Life is Beautiful by PoopPoopFart ; The Light by Cold Kingdom ; Canalave City by theIpatix ;
Hi Folks ! I recently made a video where I put efforts and love in it, all I hope now is that you'll enjoy while watching, or at least feel better than the ennemy team of our champ: Annie ! Of course I would be really glad to read your comments about it, I truly want to improve myself on it and it mostly goes by feedback :3 I'll not say more, so now grab your candies or whatever and enjoy ! Have a great day !
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