Bronx, The Hextech Engineer

Bronx, The Hextech Engineer Think about how cool it would be if there was a champion, who could defend your team’s base so easily, it doesn't matter if the other team ace with baron? Would it not be cool to have someone with the potential to give you a second chance? Introducing Bronx, the Hex tech Engineer. Q- Cast on tower- After casting for 3 seconds- Your tower spawns small Hextech bugs, similar to zz’rot portal minions, for 5/7/8/10/14 seconds. These bugs attack minions and towers and deal 7/12/15/20/30 damage per attack (Ranged minions spawn every 3 times, they deal 5/10/15/20/25 damage) plus 8% of armour and 10% of ability power. 20/17/15/13/8 second cool down W- Cast on minion- Upgrades the minions armour for special upgrades dependant on the minion. Caster- + 25/30/35/40/40 health + 20% of current health + 10% of ability power and attacks at double speed. Melee- + 30/35/40/45/60 health + 20% of current health + 10% of ability power. Minions weapon increases in size and does are damage equal to half normal damage + 50% of ability power. When killed self destructs and deals 50/80/120/150/200 + 20% of maximum health damage to surrounding enemies. Siege- + 30/35/40/45/60 health + 20% of current health + 10% of ability power. Increased attack range and deals + 5/10/30/40/50 damage to towers. Cannot cast on super minions. 24/20/18/16/14 second cool down. E- Cast on monsters- 2 second cast time- Attaches a small turret to a monster that only deals damage to enemies if they attack it- Turret attacks deal 40/45/50/52/60 damage and attack at a slow rate. 50/40/35/20/20 second cool down. R- Cast on tower, inhibitor or nexus- Upgrades a tower inhibitor or nexus. Tower- Adds a side turret, turret attacks at a fast rate and targets like the tower would. If Q is cast on an upgraded tower the turret shoots at 2x speed. Turret deals 60/80/100 damage per attack + 25% of base health and 30% of ability power. Inhibitor- Puts an armoured casing around the inhibitor which massively increases its health, also has a thorn mail like defence system, which when the inhibitor is attacked, it deals damage to the attacker equal to 30% of the attackers damage + 10% of max health. Nexus- Creates a massive cannon on top the nexus. Attacks very slowly however deals massive damage when it does so. It deals damage in a large AOE circle that is displayed on the ground, there are two circles, the inside on deals massive damage the out side does half. Inside circle- 400/450/500 damage + 50% of max health and 50% of ability power. Outside circle half. 500 second cool down. Can have upgrades on multiple turrets. (Gold is earned by any upgraded features destroying minions or champions)
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