Skins Story Slam 2018 - Results Announce

Another Skins Story Slam draws to an end; voting on the shortlisted entries has closed and the community has selected its winners! The top three entries have scored their creators RP and secured their reputation as literary masters. Whether you want to explore the darker side of cute magical girls in sailor suits, or a high-tech wartorn future - or just explore a dungeon with some mates, there's a piece here for you.

Again, a huge thank you to all of the entries - we were blown away by your talent!

FIRST PLACE - A Devourer of Stars

Aiisu's depiction of the Star Guardian universe caught everyone's imagination - and their votes. Find out more about the Guardians' relationships and secrets here!

SECOND PLACE - An Average Rift Quest Session

ANGRIER BEE (can I just keep typing this summoner name forever?) gets out their player handbook and takes Gragas Caskbreaker and company on an epic dungeon crawl. Need to get your comedic tabletop fix? Look no further.

THIRD PLACE - this is a vow

Magery creates a viscerally emotional exploration of the Battlecast/Resistance universe, scoring them third place and all of our feels. Take a look at their piece here.

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