[Game Mode Ideas]

**1v1 ME BRO** _What happened to that lava map?_ **BIG SPENDERS** _Why only 6, When you can have them all?_ For **April Fools** you could have a mode where you gain **UNIMAGINABLE AMOUNTS OF MONEY** and has extra item slots which allow you to **buy basically the whole shop by late game**. Or maybe just 6 more items, depends how game breaking it is. Just a thought on a mechanic Riot hasn't played around with much except maybe with Victor (losing an inventory slot). **HEAD HUNTER** _Where noobs and pros become equals_ Killing enemies or monsters drops their trophies (eg. head). Picking up trophies causes a stat debuff. Trophies can be claimed in certain areas. - Gain in size (bigger hit box) - Slower - take % extra damage **FREE FOR ALL MODE** _Every poro for themselves_ Maybe make it a circle map like dominion and each player defends their bit of the circle and can attack others bits. Or just shake the nexus and give us a slayer equivalent. What game modes would you like to see?
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