Skin Idea: Poro King Braum

Due to his overwhelming kindness to Poros, the Poro King himself (the Poro King from the game mode) has blessed Braum and has allowed his personal Poro knights to aid him during his battles on Summoners Rift. Braum can be seen with a crown and a cape just like the Poro King, with perhaps an even mightier moustache than he already has to suit the King. Q - fires an icy warrior viking Poro. Slashes and lashes his sword out as he's flying. W - perhaps some Poro inspired design for the visual beneath Braum E - sturdy Poro with a shield that helps Braums already huge shield to block more damage. Perhaps even a Poro King inspired face/mustache on Braum's shield instead. R - ravages the ground and sends Poros flying in the air A skin concept that already exists and is kind of similar to what I have is here if anyone is having troubles imagining what kind of skin I'm aiming for. It's a bit too much Poro focused (literally there are Poros attached to him). My skin concept is more revolved around the Poro King actually blessing Braum with his knights rather than just straight up having plain Poros everywhere. I just wanted to get this idea out there or else I'll forget about it. And who knows, hopefully it gets passed on somewhere and becomes an actual skin.
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