Gwyn - The Soul of Cinder

Quick spoiler alert if you have not beaten Dark Souls III yet do so before reading further. Or don't. Whatever floats your goat. This champion is directly based on my favourite boss in the entire Soulsborne series. Obviously I know rito can't implement a plagiarised idea, but regardless I made this anyway as probably more of an ability concept rather than a champion concept. And because I felt like it. Also, my champion concepts are far more complicated than they need to be. Here we go! Gwyn is a tanky attack damage dealer that is reliant on auto attacking. He scales well into late game as a CC resistant juggernaut that deals relatively mixed damage. With a lot of free stats at his disposal, but not a lot of teamfight presence short of his ultimate, Gwyn is more of a skirmisher and a duelist. He can duel carries and tanks alike, relying on his second ability to gain the upper hand in any fight. However, his ultimate; used correctly can turn the tides of any team fight, taking a champion or two out of a fight for a long time would assist immensely. In terms of skill, this would be an easy to learn hard to master champion. The boss resembles the chosen undead of Dark Souls I wearing some variant of the Elite Knight set, but charred and rusted. He wields a big helix/coiled sword that is on fire, which sounds pretty dangerous. Passive Ability: Rekindle the Flame Passively, Gwyn will deal a small amount of bonus magic damage on every auto attack and supported abilities that deals equal to 4% of the combined value of Gwyn and his target's maximum HP. Half of that damage is dealt instantly, and the other half over the next 10 seconds. While below 50% health, every further attack additionally heals Gwyn for 200% of the total damage dealt through this first passive over 10 seconds. After returning to 50% health or above, attacks will no longer grant the heal over time buff, but any previous heal over times will still tick. The healing and damage effect will stack in effectiveness but not duration, as each DoT/HoT is timed individually as a stacking debuff/buff. Additionally, at the start of the game, Gwyn starts with a consumable item called The First Flame. This item can be placed at any location within 225 range after a 1.5 second channel time using LEFT CLICK and is not stealthed, and while near it, Gwyn fights harder and is more resistant to damage. As well as some flat bonuses, The First Flame will absorb the souls of fallen units near it, creating a stacking bonus on The First Flame that Gwyn can right click to activate after a 4 second channel time to permanently gain some stat bonuses. Flat bonuses gained by being within a certain radius will decrease based on how far away Gwyn is. The effective radius of The First Flame and it's flat stat increments increase with his level, and the permanent stacking bonus increases in power the more souls it absorbs. The First Flame can be targeted by auto attacks and will be destroyed if an enemy champion successfully auto attacks it 10 times. However, any enemy champion attacking The First Flame sends Gwyn into a fury, gaining massively boosted attributes for a short time, refreshing and stacking every time it takes damage while he is within the bonus radius. The First Flame will regenerate 1 HP every 15 seconds regardless of combat state. Destroying The First Flame cripples Gwyn, reducing all of his attributes except for maximum health by 30% that returns to normal over 30 seconds. After that 30 seconds is over, another First Flame can be placed using left click. The First Flame loses most of its power and outright disables the stacking bonus if it is placed within 450 range of an active allied tower. While within 750/1150/1550/1950 range of The First Flame, Gwyn gains 7%/14%/21%/28% increased attack damage, attack speed, and half of that bonus in movement speed and lifesteal. Additionally, Gwyn heals for 5% of all damage he deals to any unit from any source while in the radius. These bonuses are halved if Gwyn is outside of that range, and removed if he is outside of 1500/2300/3100/4000 range. While within 750/1150/1550/1950 range of The First Flame, Gwyn gains 6%/12%/18%/24% increased armour, magic resist, maximum health and health regeneration from all sources. Additionally, resist 3%/6%/9%/12% of all incoming damage, and ignores an additional 3%/6%/9%/12% damage that is based on any health percentage. This effect is halved if Gwyn is outside of that range, and removed if he is outside of 1500/2300/3100/4000 range. If The First Flame is attacked, Gwyn gains a 20% bonus to all attributes for 7 seconds, this includes movement speed, health regeneration, critical chance/damage etc. This will stack with each time The First Flame is attacked, in both effectiveness and duration. All bonus attributes are calculated multiplicatively, meaning that Gwyn will not gain any critical chance, lifesteal or spell vamp unless he already has those attributes. A soul is absorbed when a minion, champion or monster dies within 2000/2500/3000/3500 range. The soul will be absorbed regardless of whether or not Gwyn is within its radius. A lane minion is worth 1 soul, a large minion is worth 2 souls, super minions and champions are worth 5 souls, and all jungle monsters are worth 2 souls, while epic monsters are worth 10 souls. Bonuses can be gained multiple times and stack additively. If The First Flame has absorbed 40 souls, and Gwyn activates it, only 25 souls will be consumed, and Gwyn will attain the stats from the 25 soul bonus. Upon reaching 25 souls: cashing in grants a permanent 3 attack damage, 4% attack speed, and 2 movement speed, armour and magic resist. Upon reaching 50 souls: cashing in permanently grants 8 attack damage, 9% attack speed, 6 movement speed, 3% lifesteal, 6 armour and magic resist, a 3% bonus maximum health and an additional separate health regeneration every quarter second that is equal to 0.05% of Gwyns maximum health. Upon reaching 100 souls: cashing in grants a permanent 16 attack damage, 20% attack speed, 12 movement speed, 7% lifesteal, 15 armour and magic resist, 7% bonus maximum health, 200 flat health, health regeneration every quarter second equal to 0.09% of Gwyns maximum health. Additionally take 3.5% less damage, gain 20% multiplicative tenacity, a 3% bonus to his model size and 7 attack range. Upon reaching 200 souls: cashing in grants 29 attack damage, 36% attack speed, 23 movement speed, 11% lifesteal, 25 armour and magic resist, 12% bonus health, 450 flat health, health regeneration equal to 0.13% every quarter second, take 5.5% less damage, gain 35% multiplicative tenacity and additionally heal for 20% of all damage dealt and received over 6 seconds. Also gains 7% model size increase and 15 bonus attack range. Bless you Nasus mains. This passive upgrades with his ultimate ability at levels 6/11/16. The First Flame can be picked up and moved using left click, during which Gwyn's movement speed is increased by 30%, but he cannot auto attack until it is placed again with left click. Picking up and placing the Flame begins a 2 second channel time that is interupted by taking any champion damage. Gwyn does not gain any bonuses while carrying the Flame, and if The First Flame is destroyed or Gwyn dies while carrying it, ALL stacks accrued are lost. First Ability: Undying Vigor Gwyn passively gains maximum health based on his bonus attack speed. Activating this ability causes the next four auto attacks to be empowered with additional damage and effects. All of the empowered auto attacks proc on hit effects and Gwyn's passive as normal. The first two empowered auto attacks are dealt at a set attack speed of 1.55/1.65/1.75/1.85/1.95 attacks per second, (this does not affect his health gain from attack speed passive), both slow the target by 15% stacking up to two times for 1.6 seconds, and deal bonus physical damage. The third hit is a thrust attack that ignores a high portion of the targets armour and heals for a portion of damage dealt. The fourth hit is a slow lumbering downward slam, that deals high physical damage to Gywns target after 0.6 seconds of wind up. This final attack can be avoided if the target leaves a range of 355 plus 30% of Gwyn's bonus attack range and model size. If all four attacks successfully damage the same enemy, that enemy is stunned for 1.75 seconds. Passively gain 1/2/3/4/5 flat health for every 0.5% bonus attack speed. First Two Hits Bonus Physical Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 plus 30% AD The third hit ignores 30%/40%/50%/60%/70% of the targets armour and heals Gwyn for 120%/130%/140%/150%/160% of the damage dealt. The fourth strike deals equal to 300% of Gwyns attack damage as bonus physical damage. Cost: 30 mana Cool Down: 7 seconds Second Ability: Cling to the Flame Gwyn passively gains armour based on his magic resist, and vise versa. This does not stack with itself. Gwyn parries the next champion or large monster attack dealt to him within the next 1.5 seconds. He cannot auto attack during that time, and his movement speed is decreased by 65% for the duration. If the damage source was a melee champion auto attack or a large monster, Gwyn takes no damage from the attack, suppresses the unit that hit him for 0.7 seconds, and his next basic attack against that target will deal 50% additional damage and heal him for 80% of the damage dealt. The bonus damage includes all on-hit effects, his passive etc. The 50% damage bonus against that target will expire if Gwyn does not auto attack the target for 2.5 seconds. Additionally, Gwyn will heal for 25% of all damage he deals to the target he successfully paried for the next 4 seconds. If the damage source was a ranged auto attack/ability or skill shot, Gwyn takes 50% reduced damage and reflects the projectile back to the attacker, dealing equal to 250% of the damage it would have dealt to Gwyn before the 50% reduction was applied. To explain, if Ryze throws his Q at Gwyn to deal 100 magic damage, reduced to 50 damage because of Gwyns magic resist, the projectile will be reflected back to Ryze to deal 125 magic damage to him. It will remain a skillshot however, so that projectile can be dodged. A ranged auto attack however, will be reflected back to the attacker and as such remains classified as a targeted auto attack. That auto attack will crit if it were to be a crit on Gwyn, and will proc the on hit effects as normal at 250% efficiency if applicable. Reflecting an ability in this manner refunds 25% of the cool down. If an ability that hits Gwyn is simply a point and click, multihit or instantaneous AoE attack (FIddlesticks Q, Kha'Zix Q, Ahri Q, Teemo R, or Cho'Gath W for example), that ability and its effects are simply ignored, and the cool down for this ability is halved. If an attack like Blitz or Thresh hook hits Gwyn, while it is a skillshot, it will not be reflected for obvious reasons. Instead, it will have the above effect applied. Passive resistance bonus: 6%/10%/14%/18%/22% of his bonus armour becomes bonus magic resist and vise versa. Cost: 35 mana Cool down: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds, reduced by 0.5 seconds for every completed auto attack. Third Ability: Insatiable Fury On activation, Gwyn begins a channel for 0.2 seconds, then leaps to the target location. Upon landing, he swipes his sword in an arc in front of him, dealing damage and applying his passive to all enemy units hit. If an enemy unit is hit, they are slowed and crippled for a short time, rendering them unable to use any movement based abilities (dashes, blinks, Flash etc.). Hitting an enemy additionally activates a second and third activation. The second activation swipes his sword in an arc in front of him again after a 0.3 second channel, applying a light bleed effect as well as his passive, and revealing the target for 6 seconds. The third activation causes Gwyn to leap again after a 0.5 second channel to the targeted area, dealing light physical damage to enemies he lands on, and dealing high physical damage, snaring and applying his passive to enemies hit by his sword, which is swung downward in a small AoE attack. The slam by default targets directly in front of Gwyn when he lands, (based on where he jumped from), but can be redirected in mid air and briefly after landing. Each activation has a window of 1.8 seconds, and will go on full cool down if these additional activations are not used. Gwyn can auto attack freely in between activations. Leap Range of First and Third activations: 430/450/470/490/510 First hit slow and cripple duration/intensity: 0.8 seconds and the slow sets the movement speed of the enemies hit to 240, this is unaffected by the 25% reduction of Boots of Swiftness. First and Second Attack Damage: 50/70/90/110/130 physical damage, plus 65% AD First and Second attack range: 210/240/270/300/330 First and Second attack radius: 90/100/110/120/130 degrees Second Attack bleed over time damage: 40/60/80/100/120 plus 35% of Gwyns AD over 7 seconds as physical damage Third Attack Gwyn damage from landing on his target: equal to 9% of his own maximum health Third attack Sword hit damage: 90/130/170/210/250 plus 70% bonus AD Third attack sword hit radius/range: 40 units wide, 310 units long Third hit snare duration: 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds While in the air during the third attack, Gwyn can choose a different direction to strike with his sword in a 0.9 second window. This time begins 0.15 seconds before leaping, and ends 0.2 seconds after landing again. If a custom location is not chosen, Gwyn will simply strike the area in front of him. Cost: 80 mana Cool down: 18 seconds, reduced by 7 seconds if within the range of The First Flame Ultimate Ability: Avenge the First Lords Gwyn swipes his sword in an arc forwards after a moderate channel time. All enemies hit are dealt physical damage, knocked up and made untargetable for 7 seconds, however Gwyn will remain targetable on the ground. Over the next 7 seconds, Gwyn attacks all of the units hit a total of 5 times, 4 of which deal light physical damage and proc the first part of his passive each, and the last attack deals high physical and magic damage to all nearby enemies even if they were not hit by the first strike. Gwyn is immune to all forms of CC while the attacks take place, but if he is reduced to 30% if his maximum health during the attack from any non-DoT source, the attack is cancelled but all units will remain suspended for the full duration. The ability cannot be cancelled if the ability has been casting for less than 2.5 seconds. He can manually cancel it by activating this ability again, but the units hit will again remain suspended and untargetable. For game play purposes, this ability is classified as a channelled ability, but cannot be cancelled by any form of CC. Gwyn can move at a 30% reduced movement speed while channelling the first hit, if he does not hit any enemy units with the first hit, he is stunned for 1.25 seconds. Gwyn is revealed at all times to both teams while channelling this ability for the first attack, however, he is also immune to all forms of CC while channeling at all times. First Hit Damage: 30/50/80 plus 25% AD First Hit Channel Time: 2.3 seconds, reduced down to a minimum of 1.1 seconds at 120% bonus attack speed. First Hit Range/Radius: 275/300/325 range, 165/175/185 degree radius. Four Hit Damage: 15/35/55 physical damage each, plus the bonus magic damage from Gwyns first passive, plus 20% AD each. Final Hit Damage: equal to 150% of Gwyns attack damage as physical damage to all units hit immediately, and equal to 30% of any units hit maximum health over 15 seconds as magic damage. Final Hit Radius: 330/460/590 Cost: 100 mana Cool Down: 120/100/80 reduced by 5 seconds for every time The First Flame is attacked.
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