[Game Mode Concept]

Ive seen many different game modes that give a little here and a lot there, but nothing really made to display skill. Game modes have been fun and all but some are just boring and don't get your blood pumping like your first ranked game. So I propose a game mode that is harsh and cruel on bad decision making, making you think if making a move on the enemy is really worth it. **INTRODUCING: HUNT GAMEMODE!** - Upon spawn, you get to select a bounty similar to kindred's passive and rewards you bonus gold. - The bounty on yourself increases the longer you stay alive. The bounty you are rewarded increases as long as you stay alive. - Respawning costs gold. cost increases as time increases capping at 1000 at 20 minutes - Jungle monsters costs a lot of gold early game. - Gold is pooled together as a team. - Champs with skins have an increased bounty (Debatable) Tell me what you guys think and let the hunt commence!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}

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